Low Code = High Productivity


More and more organisations of all sizes have realised the benefits that can be gained from implementing an organisation-wide digital platform. From self-service portals that allow your customers to access your services 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, to advanced workflows and end-to-end digital processes, Digital Platforms have become an ... more

True Digital Transformation: backed by data


Back in 2019, before the words "pandemic", "vaccine" and "lockdown" were at the forefront of everyone's mind, Meritec won a contract with Derbyshire Dales District Council to help them deliver on their ambitious Digital Transformation aspirations. This was to be achieved by leveraging Meritec’s own unique Digital Platform and associated ... more

Raising Fraud Awareness in Local Government


Adam Wilkinson talks about the challenges of fighting Fraud in UK Local Government: What's the problem? At a time when local Councils are under an unprecedented amount of pressure to deliver core services to their residents, significant fraud is an increasing and ever-present risk. Keeping staff aware of the latest ... more

Meritec gifts local hospital £5000 to kit out their wellbeing rooms


Meritec has donated £5000 to Airedale Hospital in Keighley to help kit out their wellbeing rooms with a lorry full of goods, including televisions and microwaves. Recognising the difficulties that the NHS is under during the on-going COVID19 pandemic, Meritec contacted the hospital to see what they needed and staff ... more

Resourcing Project Uncertainty


Haydn Howard puts some questions to Meritec’s Director of Flexible Resourcing Adam Gardner about the resource challenges ahead in the Revs and Bens market. So tell me about the landscape that your service finds itself working in. During the current national “austerity” measures, funding for Council’s across the UK has ... more

Transforming the Customer Online Experience


Haydn Howard puts some questions to Caryl James of Richmondshire District Council about enhancing the customer experience through transforming online services. Tell me about your website achievement with Sitemorse? We have been working with Sitemorse for 2 years, as its reporting was critical to us during the development of our ... more

Making Legacy a Thing of the Past


Modern technologies are providing a huge opportunity in the public sector to migrate from legacy systems. The benefits of such change are measured most especially in terms of dramatically reduced costs, raised service standards, channel shift and forward flexibility. Though reducing in scale, there nevertheless remains a huge inventory of ... more

Towards Digital Customer Experience Management


Customer relationship management (CRM) is of enormous significance to the public sector and has been for many years. CRM practice and related computer systems grew rapidly approaching the millennium and was then fuelled by massive investment during the e-government era which followed in the noughties. Customer services units developed apace ... more

Enabling Change the Digital Way


It is becoming evident that the required scale and pace of change in the public sector cannot be achieved by organisational change alone. It can only be achieved through digital transformation. All public sector organisations are driven by similar needs: to reduce spending substantially; to enable customers to fulfil their ... more