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Working closely with a wide variety of companies, organisations, local councils and housing associations we've developed a range of software solutions, each designed to simplify and streamline a particular process, maximise an opportunity or resolve a specific problem.

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Agile, flexible digital solutions

Everything we do at Meritec is about making processes easier and more efficient for everyone – we are problem solvers and solution providers. Our software solutions can be fully integrated to work with your current systems, allowing you to transform the way you operate with minimal disruption to your customers or colleagues. And, because all our software is developed by our own in-house team, it can be adapted and upgraded as your organisation's needs evolve, giving you a future proof digital solution.

Software Solutions

Technology that solves a problem

Each of our software solutions has been designed to solve a particular problem or increase the efficiency of a specific process. We've worked closely with various companies and departments within local authorities to create solutions that improve operational performance, save time and reduce costs.

Digital Portals

Customer Portals

Our digital portals allow you to serve different account types – customers, citizens, members, businesses, partners, landlords – from one single place. Users can log in, request information, submit information, view bills and invoices, make payments and update personal information from any device. Quickly reduce the amount of resource required to respond to telephone and email enquiries from customers by giving them 24/7/365 access to all their relevant, key information.

Resource Booking

Room & Resource Booking

Our resource booking solution ensures that users can self-book resources will real-time availability updates available 24/7. This highly customisable solution readily supports any number of resources and associated resources and allows in-house teams to update availability and the resources available in different spaces/rooms.

Waste bin

Waste Solutions

The Meritec waste CRM was developed in conjunction with local councils to improve operational processes and make it easier to deliver on SLAs. It integrates with council systems for joined-up information and allows customers to self-serve, reducing overheads and enabling faster responses to enquiries, enhancing customer satisfaction. Read More.

Digital Environmental Services

Digital Environmental Services

Our Environmental Services module allows a wide range of issues and reports to be dealt with quickly and efficiently by automatically diverting cases to mobility worker mobile apps. Efficiently handle graffiti removal, dog fouling, over-flowing litterbins etc. reports.

Garden Recycling

Garden recycling

Garden waste recycling can be a high-revenue generating service when supported by an efficient process. Our garden waste solution allows customers to order bins, subscribe to the service and make payment through the self-serve portal. The data is all uploaded to a back-office CRM, and admin processes can be completely automated for maximum efficiency, taking into account your local policies for this service.

Information Governance

Information Governance

Manage IG and FOI requests more efficiently and ensure deadlines are met with fully customisable workflows. Self-service forms allows citizens to easily submit requests for information and these requests are then fed to the relevant department using a traffic light system to determine timescales for responding. Any communications are tracked, ensuring client requests are fulfilled in compliance with GDPR, FOI, SAR and IG regulations.

Customer Experience Management

CXM 360

Designed and developed to meet the most demanding requirements of supporting self and assisted service, our facility is underpinned by advanced technologies. It gives you a complete view of customer interaction, including phone calls, emails, web forms, social media, face-to-face, text messages, and mediated access. Customers benefit from a seamless, joined-up experience and Agents benefit from access to a wide range of data from multiple different systems all in one place.

Digital Learning

Digital Learning

Our digital learning platform enables you to rapidly and cost-effectively upskill your team on key issues such as fraud, GDPR and mental wellbeing without the expense of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS).

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Our latest insights


What is the difference between CRM and CXM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and often refers to the system an organisation uses to record interactions with customers and analyse data. The purpose of a CRM is to collect data that can be used to better serve customers.


True Digital Transformation: Backed by Data

Back in 2019, before the words "pandemic", "vaccine" and "lockdown" were at the forefront of everyone's mind, Meritec won a contract with Derbyshire Dales District Council to help them deliver on their ambitious Digital Transformation aspirations. This was to be achieved by leveraging Meritec’s own unique Digital Platform and associated pre-built solutions.

After being awarded the contract, the Council highlighted that Meritec's experience in delivering similar complex projects (using our range of Digital Solutions), our friendly & easy to work with team, plus our proven partnership approach were key factors in their decision to award Meritec the contract.


Transforming the Customer Online Experience

In this article, Haydn Howard puts some questions to Caryl James of Richmondshire District Council about enhancing the customer experience through transforming online services. Haydn asks Caryl 'What was your key driver for delivering an entirely new customer focused website?', 'How have been your experiences of working with Meritec?' and much more.....

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