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Quickly and easily develop complex workflows, processes and applications using Meritec's Low Code Digital Platform. With no technical knowledge required, enable your teams to automate your business processes, allowing you to create more efficient, effective customer experiences to improve brand perception and save time and money.

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One single platform to join up the dots

Replace old, outdated, inefficient processes and integrate all your workflows into one joined-up system that makes life easier for customers, stakeholders and staff. Our low code digital platforms have been developed with key operational features included as standard, the ability to customise to the needs of your organisation, and the capacity to add additional process modules as required for a fully future-proofed digital solution. Migrate a range of systems that have been developed in-house over a number of years and inefficient processes involving spreadsheets and paper onto a single, unified Low Code Digital Platform.

Increase Efficiency

Simplify and streamline

Our low code digital solutions have been proven to significantly reduce operational costs by simplifying and streamlining workflows, reducing duplication of tasks, and minimising the risk of data loss.

Save time and money

Enabling citizens, residents, customers, partners and stakeholders to self-service significantly reduces the cost per interaction, saving your organisation thousands of pounds each year. Plus, by connecting all your departments and processes on one simple system, you speed up workflows, further reducing operational costs and realising efficiency benefits.

Single view of your customer

All interactions and channel metrics are available at a glance, including phone calls, emails, web forms, social media, face-to-face, text messages, and mediated access. You’ll have access to accurate real-time customer data allowing you to make more informed management decisions and process transactions and cases faster.

Future-proof your organisation

We’ve built our low code platform with a suite of standard features that benefit any organisation, plus the ability to add new software modules as your organisation's needs evolve. Because we have our own in-house team of developers and own the product roadmap, you can be confident that our solutions can meet your requirements now and well into the future: giving you a truly future-proof digital solution.

Automate workflows

Automation speeds up processes and reduces the risk of missed steps or mistakes occurring due to human error. Our platforms have been built to make automating your workflows straightforward and effective, allowing you to easily make changes without any specialist technical knowledge or experience.

Modernise your service delivery

Over the past few decades, there has been a huge shift from traditional communication channels to digital channels. Meritec has worked closely with many public and private sector organisations to create efficient, effective digital solutions that make digital transformation much faster and easier than ever before.

Better for Customers

Improved User Experience

The advancement of technology in the past few decades has created a world where instantaneity has become the expectation. Improve your customer experience by enabling self-service, speeding up response times, and making it easier to access information.

Self-service portals

Allow 24/7/365 access to key information, data or enquiry submissions along with online payment processing and access to digital workflows all in your own custom-branded digital portal.

Accessible on any device

Customers and employees can access the data and workflows they need from any device, creating a more convenient service for customers and enabling remote and hybrid working for staff.

Secure & GDPR Compliant

Every aspect of your digital solution will be secure and GDPR compliant, safeguarding your organisation and your customer data. Meritec's solutions are delivered from state-of-the-art Tier3+ certified UK data centres.

Faster response times

All customer interactions will receive an automated response and be allocated to the correct department to ensure customer requests are met on time. Furthermore, customers can expect regular updates on their raised cases as they progress through your workflows.

Create innovate and engaging digital experiences for everyone

It’s not just your customers who will benefit from a Meritec low code digital platform. Our solutions provide significant benefits for your teams too. They are built to be user-friendly, highly intuitive and fully responsive.

Better for teams and employees

Self-sustainable and flexible

You don’t need any in-house technical knowledge to maximise the potential of a Meritec digital platform. They are designed to make it easier for your teams to carry out their roles effectively. And because we have our own development team that can supplement your in-house team, your system can be extended, modified and upgraded as requirements change and grow in the future.

Low-code workflow development

Instantly create, change and update workflows, applications and content with ease, ensuring the information you are giving customers is accurate, relevant and clear at all times, whilst maximising the efficiency of your teams.

E-form creation

Create and configure e-forms for any process, make changes as required, and easily update or replace existing forms and processes.

Process modules

Meritec has a suite of software solutions that can be plugged into your system at any time. These include process modules for CRM, waste recycling, FOI and mobility working (mobile worker apps).

Integration hub

A comprehensive integration facility with a portfolio of ready-built integrations to key systems, including payment systems, revenues and benefits, active directory, and core address databases.

Training and support

Once your system has been created, we’ll provide a comprehensive demonstration of how to use it and maximise its full potential. You’ll also receive ongoing technical support from our in-house team.

Mobile working

Comprehensive facility for mobile working – full support for tablets, mobile phones and other devices across multiple operating system platforms.

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