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Meritec enables you to embrace digital transformation and deliver superior digital experiences for your citizens, customers, tenants and employees by transforming your communication and process channels.

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Agile and Flexible Digital Solutions

Future-proof your organisation with digital solutions designed to grow, evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of your teams and the citizens, residents and customers you serve. With our easy-to-use low code platforms, you can shift your communication and processes to a digital format quickly and seamlessly.

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How much could you save with Meritec?

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A Digital Future

Say goodbye to inefficient workflows

Get rid of inefficient, outdated processes and embrace a future-proof digital solution that will transform your operational performance and modernise your organisation.

Reduce operational costs

Proven to significantly lower operational cost and reduce the amount of time wasted on unnecessary admin tasks.

Transform customer experience

Provide customers with a seamless, joined-up experience that they can access anywhere, anytime on any device.

Boost productivity

Streamline systems and automate workflows to eliminate unnecessary or duplicated tasks and increase productivity.

Improve reputation

Deal with complaints, requests and enquiries in a timely and efficient manner, improving customer satisfaction rates.

Low code digital platform

One single centralised platform

Join the hundreds of local authorities and public sector organisations that are already benefiting from Meritec’s agile and flexible low code platform. Interact digitally with citizens, landlords, businesses, partners and stakeholders.

Facilitates customer self-service

Allows citizens to self-service online from anywhere on any device. Reduce frustration, improve customer experience and resolve issues faster.

Joins up systems across organisation

Creates a truly joined-up solution by connecting multiple departments, integrating existing systems and automating workflows and processes.

Increases efficiency

Removes duplication of tasks, streamlines processes, and speeds up response times. Make instant updates and access data with ease.

Self-sustainable and flexible

Allows users to easily manage content, add e-forms and make updates without any technical knowledge. Simple, responsive, flexible, efficient and agile.

Enables mobile working

Makes it easy for employees to work remotely with full support for tablets, mobile phones and other devices across multiple operating system platforms

Ensures GDPR compliance

Collect and store data safely and securely with the ability to control access to data, information, workflows and content management.

Software Solutions

Technology that solves a problem

Our individual software solutions have each been designed to solve a specific problem or challenge and can be customised to suit your organisation.

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