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Meritec is very different from many other technology businesses, in that it is not the technology side which drives us forward, it is what the technology can deliver for the organisations we work with.

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How we have been supporting the planet, our employees, customers and communities


Back in the year 2020 at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Meritec's directors Adam Wilkinson and Adam Gardner provided Airedale NHS Foundation Trust with a lorry full of electrical items such as, TV's, microwaves and kettles to help improve the facilities for staff and patients.

We are now partnered with the Airedale Hospital & Community Charity (extract from their Twitter attached). 

Challenge Poverty Week

Meritec employees came together after the lockdown to gather items such as toiletries, tins, nappies, toilet rolls, crisps, rice, toothbrushes, cans, sweets, milk and many more essentials that could be donated to The Salvation Army local foodbank in Keighley.

The items were gratefully received and distributed into our local community from The Salvation Army.

LADs United

Meritec have always supported Lads United, a local community football club that promotes health and wellbeing through the powers of football. LADs United was formed during the Covid 19 pandemic in the summer of 2020, the primary objective was to offer an opportunity for guys of any age, fitness level or ability to continue playing the game they love!   

Creative Football

Meritec have made a number of donations to Creative Football over the years. Creative Football supports adults with mental health and wellbeing challenges through the power of football. They offer a number of football initiatives including Blokes United, Girls United and the Social Inclusion Football League. Creative Support is a national provider of Health & Social Care. At a local level it has worked in partnership with Blackburn and Darwen Borough Council and other stakeholders and also work alongside Sport England.

Carbon Footprint

> Reducing our carbon footprint by transferring all our servers onto the cloud and therefore reducing environmental pollution of big servers on site.

> Implementing a hybrid working pattern for all Meritec staff means that we are reducing our emissions by not using as much fuel.

> A smaller amount of people are travelling to and from the offices and therefore contributing to less traffic on the roads.

> For every organisation that we enrol onto our Digital Learning Mental Wellbeing course, we donate 5% of the sale price to a mental health charity.

March for Mental Health

Involvement in March for Mental Health, in association with DES Systems, whereby staff helped raise money by walking for the month of March to raise money for their nominated mental health charities.

Local Support

We are working with various sporting clubs to provide non- commercial prices of our Mental Wellbeing Digital Course to help support the mental wellbeing of their employees and communities.

Our driving mission

Our mission is to create measurable value within our clients, by reducing operating costs, improving productivity and enhancing customer and user experiences, through digital transformation and solutions which leverage future-proofed technologies and services.

Why choose Meritec

We are people people

Although we are a primarily a digital technology business, in reality we are a people business. We pride ourselves in quality of people and are focussed on ethically evolving a business that both customers and employees want to work with indefinitely.

Commercial Understanding

We have focussed most of our efforts in public sector clients because we have a great affinity with this sector, having recruited from within and having an insider’s insight into how they operate. This provides us with a real commercial understanding of every project and the workflow efficiencies, improved brand service, reputation and cost savings that we can deliver.

Benefits led

We began life as a systems integrator and over the years we have evolved considerably our offering, although the commercial drivers to the organisations we work with are always the common theme throughout.
- Dramatically reduce operational costs
- Improve organisational efficiency and productivity
- Enhance the customer’s experience
- Self-sustainability
- Simplification – do more with less
- Flexible solutions which are both agile and future-proof

Low Code Platform

We are able to offer all of this due to the Meritec low-code platform that all our software solutions are built upon. This means we are never trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. If the solution required needs to fit a round hole, we simply make a new round peg.

Organisational Impact

This approach means that although there are many ready to go solutions which can quickly make a positive impact on your organisation, we have the ability to adapt these and enhance them to ensure you maximise the potential benefit.


Our clients tend to stick with us for the long haul, because they know we always put the client’s needs first, we have a deep understanding of them and their processes, and we work in partnership with them on a programme of continuous improvement.

Our Clients

Our clients are predominantly public sector organisations, local authorities and housing associations, but our solutions benefit private businesses too. We work closely with every client to understand their requirements and the way they work so that we can provide the right solutions both now and in the future.

Our Customers

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