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Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts, our digital learning solutions have been carefully created to increase awareness around specific issues faced by our existing clients and organisations across the globe.

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Supporting organisational & individual wellbeing

Protect your organisation and valued employees by providing your teams with simple but effective awareness training on issues such as fraud, mental wellbeing and cybercrime. With our fully hosted Learning Management System, you can customise the course to your organisation, track completion rates and learners get completion certificates.

Digital Learning

Raising awareness of the issues that matter

We’re continually developing our 'Focus on' Awareness courses, updating existing content and adding new material to address important issues and help you raise awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Individual Wellbeing

The staff within your organisation are your greatest strength, but if they are not supported in the right way, they can also be your greatest weakness. Often it is things that happen outside of the workplace which can cause problems at work. Our range of awareness courses to support individual wellbeing covers mental wellbeing, equality & diversity and cybercrime awareness.

Organisational Wellbeing

A lot of the risks and issues organisations face is down to lack of awareness amongst the staff on how to identify and deal with specific issues. Meritec's range of digital learning courses covers a range of topics that are increasingly impacting organisations today, including fraud, cybercrime, risk management and GDPR.

We have got you covered

Our digital learning offering has evolved over the years to create a holistic offering which addresses all areas of organisational and individual wellbeing through raising awareness across a myriad of different subjects. All of our courses have been developed in conjunction with subject matter experts to address those issues which are likely to be impacting the performance of your organisation, either directly or indirectly through the impact on your staff.

Digital Learning

Our course portfolio

We’re continually developing our 'Focus on' courses, updating existing content and adding new material to address important issues and help you raise awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

"Meritec have been great to work with, professional and quick with their service. The 30-minute awareness course is interactive, personable and provides a general awareness. Being able to add Staffordshire specific personalisation (images, branding, wording) makes the course more tailored to our team and customers which we really liked!"

Gemma Machin, Equality Officer, Staffordshire FAStaffordshire FA Logo

"By working with Meritec we were able to tailor the eLearning to suit our needs, reflect sector fraud risks, and link the content to our internal policies and procedures. Case studies give the learning relevance, helping staff to apply the learning to their day-to-day activities thereby reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring public resources are protected."

Craig Price, Principal Group Auditor
Birmingham City Council

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