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Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts, our e-learning solutions have been carefully created to increase awareness around specific issues faced by our existing clients and organisations across the globe.

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Supporting organisational wellbeing

Protect your organisation and valued employees by providing your teams with simple but effective awareness training on issues such as fraud, mental wellbeing and cybercrime. With our fully hosted Learning Management System, you can customise the course to your organisation, track completion rates and learners get completion certificates.

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Individual Wellbeing
Focus on Mental Wellbeing
& Staff Onboarding & Induction
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Organisational Wellbeing
Focus on Fraud Awareness
& Focus of Risk Management
Cyber Security
Digital Wellbeing
Focus on Cybersecurity
& Focus on GDPR

Supporting personal wellbeing

Our Mental Wellbeing awareness courses are designed to benefit organisations, and the individuals within them by helping all team members understand how to improve their mental fitness, support each other and sustain their resilience, energy and stamina during challenging circumstances.

Did you know?

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64% of local government professionals believe fraud is a major risk.
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Mental Wellbeing
Over 12% of all sickness absence days in the UK are attributed to mental health conditions.
Cyber Security
Cyber Security
UK organisations suffer annual losses of over £1bn to cybercrime and attacks are increasingly on the rise.

Digital Learning

Rapidly upskill your teams

Our digital learning platform has been designed to make upskilling your team simple and cost-effective.

Access anywhere

Each employee has a personal log-in to access course materials from anywhere on any device.

Transparent pricing

Pay a one-off set-up fee and a monthly subscription fee to cover all your employees.

Certificate on completion

Upload employee emails and automatically send out course completion certificates.

Scalable and customisable

Add your company branding, manage users internally, track completion rates and customise key content.

SCORM supported

All Meritec digital learning is SCORM supported, meaning it meets the industry standard for e-learning interoperability.

Fully hosted and secure

Our courses can be hosted on your existing e-learning platform or Meritec’s secure digital learning platform.

Regularly updated

We regularly update course content to ensure that information is accurate, relevant and correct.

Developed by experts

Our courses have been developed in collaboration with relevant industry experts to ensure quality content.

Track and improve

Automatically collect learner feedback so you can continually improve and evolve course content.

Mobile support

Deliver training via custom iOS & Android apps.

Our Success Stories

We are very proud to be working with a rapidly growing number of organisations to help them distribute key messages on important subject matters across a large number of employees, offices, partners and stakeholders.

Case Study: Staffordshire Football Association: Mental Wellbeing Awareness e-learning

Digital Learning

Staffordshire FA is one of many county football associations who are looking to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of their teams and their communities. Focus on Mental Wellbeing is an efficient and cost effective approach that will help to deliver the awareness and support of Mental Wellbeing to all.

Case Study: The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Digital Learning

An introduction into a case study featuring The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the development of Focus on Mental Wellbeing for Students.

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