Our Values

Our values reflect the way the business operates on a day-to-day basis. We like to share our values and work with clients and suppliers who appreciate and align with these business principles.

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Meritec’s Values

Meritec is proud of it’s values and mission and we are keen to share this with our current and potential customers and partners. We strongly believe that having a clear set of values and adhering to these in everything we do gives our business a real focus and mission.

Flexibility is pivotal to the way Meritec operates, how we run our services internally, how we deal with our customers and the technologies we use.
Meritec takes pride in the long-standing partnerships we enjoy with our customers, which have been formed through delivering a consistently professional service. Professionalism is reflected through the way we handle all of our business, from responding to enquiries, carrying out projects and services, and our aftercare support.
Meritec’s inherent culture in “getting the job done right” is fostered out of our dedication to developing practical solutions and delivering high quality services for our customers. This is why we work tirelessly to develop solutions and services as quickly and efficiently as we can.
Quality underpins everything that Meritec does, from the staff we employ, the product and service range that we offer, to our project implementation processes and excellence in customer service. We strive to deliver quality solutions and services at affordable prices.
Meritec works collaboratively with all key stakeholders and this fosters a partnership approach which is underpinned by strong working relationships. Our cultural drive to exceed customer expectations is borne out by our customers consistently confirming our people are good to work with and the company is one they like to deal with.
We strongly believe at Meritec that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We have an eclectic mix of people with an incredibly diverse technical and non-technical skill-set, but we all have a common shared focus on ensuring the customer experience from start to finish exceeds expectations. We recruit staff on attitude and personality, and we believe this is reflected in our team ethos and why our customer service is outstanding.

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