Focus on Digital Learning courses

Our ‘Focus on’ digital learning / awareness courses have been developed in collaboration with industry experts to provide relevant, easy-to-digest training on important issues so that you can rapidly upskill your teams and safeguard your organisation and your employees.

e-learning courses

Raising awareness of key issues

Our e-awareness courses are designed to support organisational and personal wellbeing. The content has been adapted to suit local councils, public sector organisations, schools, sports clubs and businesses of all sizes, with additional ‘spotlight’ modules available.

Focus on

Fraud Awareness

Our ‘Focus on Fraud Awareness’ solution provides employees with a broad understanding of how fraud, in all its guises, can negatively impact an organisation’s operational performance, finances and reputation. In 45 minutes, employees will learn the risks of fraud, how to spot a fraudster, how to mitigate fraud and what to do if they suspect fraud.

Sector specific

Sector-specific versions of our Fraud Awareness product are available for local councils, schools and colleges, private sector organisations and managers.

Spotlight courses

Alongside our overarching Fraud Awareness course, we offer ‘spotlight’ courses that provide more detail on specific subjects such as cybercrime or procurement fraud.

Working in partnership

Our Fraud Awareness for schools course was developed in collaboration with Lincolnshire County Council and has since been rolled out to all schools and FE colleges across Lincolnshire.

Course outcomes

Greater awareness of fraud reduces the losses caused by fraudulent activity, saving organisations significant amounts of money and minimising damage to the organisation’s reputation.

Focus on

Mental Wellbeing

Our 20-minute ‘Focus on Mental Wellbeing’ course enables staff to recognise that it’s ok to share their vulnerabilities, understand how they can improve their own mental fitness, and sustain their stamina, resilience and energy during challenging circumstances and over long periods.

Sector specific

Sector-specific versions of our Mental Wellbeing product are available for local councils, schools, private sector organisations and grassroots sports clubs.

Spotlight courses

Alongside our overarching Mental Wellbeing course, we offer ‘spotlight’ courses that provide more detail on specific subjects such as suicide prevention, stress management and anxiety.

Developed with subject matter experts

Our Mental Wellbeing course was developed in conjunction with David Beeney, founder of Breaking the Silence Ltd. David has endorsed the course and confirmed the added value it provides to his own portfolio of workshops and online presentations.

Course outcomes

Focus on… Mental Wellbeing helps create a kinder and more supportive culture, reductions in sickness levels and opportunities for improvements to business productivity and service delivery.

Focus on

Cyber Security

Our ‘Focus on Cyber Security’ e-awareness product gives employees a broad understanding of the threats of cyber attacks and how they apply to the organisation, why they are important to protect against, and the steps required to ensure all staff follow protocol to best protect the business.

Sector specific

Sector-specific versions of our cyber security product are available for local authorities, schools, colleges and SMEs.

Course outcomes

Raising awareness of cyber security within the organisation reduces the risk of data breaches which can be extremely costly and damaging to an organisation’s reputation.

Rapid Upskill

Adding Value

Our digital learning solutions have been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to upskill your teams.


Choose your heading colours, add logos to certificates and upload user emails.

SCORM supported

Host on our secure learning platform, plug into your existing LMS, or become a reseller.

Admin features

Manage users by department, assign courses and send emails on assignment and course completion.

Tracking and reporting

Track course completion, generate reports by department and collect course feedback.

Access anywhere

Courses can be completed on any device, enabling employees to learn while working remotely or in the office.

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