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Meritec has been supporting local councils, housing associations, private and public sector organisations since 1996 and has been offering our services on the G-Cloud framework since G-Cloud 4. Our in-depth knowledge of the way our clients work has enabled us to develop digital platforms and software solutions that make channel shifting a seamless process.

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Digital transformation might sound like an expensive and daunting prospect, but with Meritec, it’s actually much easier than you’d think. Plus, the significant savings produced by increasing efficiency, streamlining processes and providing customers with a self-serve facility means you’re likely to see a quick return on investment. Time to say goodbye to outdated, inefficient systems and transform the way you operate.

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Meritec provides a wide range of services and solutions to deliver performance improvement and save money for our customers in the public and private sectors. Channel shifting has never been easier, and our in-house team can help you customise your solutions to ensure they entirely meet your needs now and in the future.

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Our customers

Some of our projects

We are very proud to be working with a rapidly growing number of organisations to help them channel shift, digitally transform their organisation, and realise huge operational and financial benefits.

Case Study: Livin Housing: Customer Experience Management & Low-Code Platform Implementation


Livin housing was experiencing gaps in their digital toolkit and Meritec worked with the team at Livin Housing to deliver on their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which included the CXM360 module which integrates to a number of back-office systems.

Case Study: Newark & Sherwood District Council: Digital Transformation of a Waste Service

Digital Transformation

The Meritec team worked closely with the Waste Services team at Newark and Sherwood Council to produce a combination of features on the ESB low code digital platform.

Case Study: Derbyshire Dales District Council: Digital Transformation Project


Derbyshire Dales District Council had a wide range of systems, however there was very little in terms of process automation, workflow and systems integration. Meritec’s team worked tirelessly with the dedicated officers at the Council to deliver a truly transformational Digital Platform solution.

Our latest insights


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In this article Meritec look at the potential impacts that poor or sub-standard customer service can have on a brands reputation and the moral of it’s employees.


7 areas where digital transformation has the biggest impact

Most, if not all organisations are realising that customer experience is a key differentiator and that by adopting digital transformation strategies that put the customer at the heart of everything the organisation does, results in higher satisfaction rates for both customers and employees.


Will 2022 be the year for low code in Social Housing?

Low code platforms are already starting to be widely adopted across most sectors and recently UK Local Government organisations having been reaping the benefits of low code adoption. Here we look at the benefits that can be afforded to Social Housing Associations and other organisations from implementing a low code digital platform.

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