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Since our inception in 1996, the Meritec team have strived to deliver excellence both in terms of the technology solutions created and services offered. This page tells the Meritec story from its humble beginnings to a key supplier in the digital transformation marketplace.

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A business with a mission

Meritec, as an organisation, was borne out of the desire to deliver technically excellent solutions to deliver measurable organisational benefits, initially specifically within the area of local authorities.

Since the business was established in Yorkshire in 1996 as a systems integration company, we have delivered major change to over 400 organisations across the country (of varying size and profile).

The Meritec Journey

Click on the tabs below for a stage by stage breakdown on how Meritec grew from start-up to a digital transformation partner who has supported over 400 organisations across the UK.

The initial concept
Whilst integrating systems and offering managed services from large UK Data Centres (effectively offering SaaS before the term was coined) we realised that there were huge areas of inefficiencies within organisations with many using a mix of digital and non-digital systems, and a wide range of disparate systems, many of which were no longer kept up-to-date or even supported. Integrating legacy systems became very time consuming and expensive, because most of these systems had been designed to do one thing well, with little thought given to how it would integrate into the process workflows of other departments and areas within the organisation. This, alongside our experience of hosting and delivering software solutions using a SaaS model, is what sparked Meritec into evolving beyond a systems integrator and managed service provider, into a technology developer.
Developing a platform
We understood very early on that the key to operational efficiency was to have one unified platform upon which all these different software systems could sit, or at least talk to each other through. This platform needed to be written on a well established and respected technology stack (Microsoft) so that it could both be integrated with pretty much any 3rd-party system and be easily developed and evolve over time (so it would not date like other legacy systems we often integrate with). Meritec found just what it was looking for with the ESB-Agile Digital Platform on which all of our Digital Solutions are delivered.
Adding the detail
Once we had identified the platform (which is being continuously reviewed, updated and enhanced) we began building the different service modules that were most commonly used with our primary audience – local authorities. Over the last few years we have created a wide portfolio of software modules such as CXM, Digital Portals, Commercial Waste and Freedom of Information, amongst others, which we deliver to multiple local authorities. What’s more, is that as our client base grows, so does our range of software modules.
Value added services
Due to our thorough understanding of technology and software systems, partnered with our strong reputation and experience of the local government marketplace, we started offering revenue and benefits support to our clients in 2008. We identified a growing need within our client base for this service as pressures increased on these areas of delivery due to budget challenges, technical reforms to council tax and business rates and uncertainty surrounding the implementation of Universal Credit. We built a team of high skilled revenues and benefits professionals who can be subcontracted to support service demand peaks during crucial short-term periods of the year.
Introducing digital learning
Being a people-focused organisation Meritec has always valued the benefits that organisation-wide training and awareness can deliver to companies and organisations of all sizes. In 2004 Meritec worked with the DWP to deliver nationwide fraud training to all Councils which was delivered both in-person and electronically (on CD-ROMs – remember those!?). Meritec’s Focus On.. Fraud was the first in a number of electronic learning courses that now make up the Digital Learning arm of the business. Our Digital Learning solutions have evolved from the days of CD-ROM delivery and are now delivered fully SaaS on our own (UK hosted) Learning Management System. So, from a small systems integrator back in 1996, this is how we evolved into the sizeable operation we are today delivering talent and technology solutions across the UK, becoming a brand synonymous with quality, professionalism and robust services delivered in a friendly manner.

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