Bespoke Development

Alongside our extensive range of off-the-shelf digital solutions, we offer bespoke development to ensure a completely comprehensive, joined-up system that completely meets your organisation's needs both internally and externally.

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Performance improvement

Omni-channel systems provide a much better experience for customers while making workflows more efficient for employees. Meritec has a proven track record of developing digital platforms, online portals, CRM, and CXM systems that integrate with each other and your existing systems

Simplify and streamline

Better experience for everyone

Every Meritec solution is designed to simplify a process and increase efficiency. Our technology is agile, flexible and responsive.

Facilitate self-service

Telephone and face to face interactions work for some customers but can be inconvenient for others and time-consuming for staff. With an online portal, you can provide customers with the option to self-serve, giving them greater flexibility and reducing your operational costs.

Join up systems

Having multiple systems and databases across several departments can result in duplication of tasks, wasted admin time and frustration for customers. We can join up your systems, giving you a single view of your customers and enabling you to operate more efficiently.

Enable mobile working

Being able to work remotely is beneficial when employees work across multiple sites, spend lots of time travelling or need to work from home or away from the main office. We can make your systems mobile, enabling your employees to securely carry out their work on any device, from anywhere.

Our Sectors
Who we help

Our software solutions have each been developed to serve specific purposes based on the needs of the sectors we serve and our Low Code Digital Platform is delivering operational and service efficiencies to a wide and diverse collection of organisations

Local Authorities

We offer a range of customisable digital solutions for local authorities and have worked closely with numerous councils across the UK.

Housing Associations

Our customisable digital solutions help housing associations improve efficiency, save money and provide a better customer experience.

Public Sector

Meritec has built a strong reputation for assisting public sector organisations with digital transformation projects.

Private Sector

Our technological expertise can help private sector organisations join up systems and streamline processes.

Our customers

Our latest insights


Is there a definite channel shift happening within Local Authorities and Social Housing?

Here we look at whether there is a definite channel shift happening within Local Authorities and Social Housing Organisations. We consider the benefits that channel shifting can afford to different types of orgnasiations with a growing number of customers, citizens, residents and tenants wanting to interact with organisations digitally.


Will 2022 be the year for low code in Social Housing?

Low code platforms are already starting to be widely adopted across most sectors and recently UK Local Government organisations having been reaping the benefits of low code adoption. Here we look at the benefits that can be afforded to Social Housing Associations and other organisations from implementing a low code digital platform.


Low code = High productivity

More and more organisations of all sizes have realised the benefits that can be gained from implementing an organisation-wide digital platform.  From self-service portals that allow your customers to access your services 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, to advanced workflows and end-to-end digital processes, Digital Platforms have become an integral part of the way that forward-thinking Organisations deliver their services to a customer base that increasingly expects to be able to interact via digital channels.

Ready to start your digital transformation?

All our software modules start with us taking time to understand your requirement so that we can provide solutions that exactly meet the needs of your organisation. Request a call back to get started.