Our Process

Our approach to every project is collaborative. We work in partnership with you to ensure the solution we provide is the right fit for your current needs and will continue to support you and your customers in the future.

Solution-focused technology

Meritec has been working with local councils, housing associations, education institutions and private sector organisations since 1996, creating a range of digital solutions that meet their needs. Our low code platforms and software solutions have been developed by our own in-house team. That means all standard features can be customised and adapted to completely meet the individual requirements of your organisation.

Long-term Support

Working in partnership with you

Our aim is to support your organisation long term by providing a future proof digital solution that evolves and grows as with your organisation your requirements change.


Our solutions help you streamline your systems and processes, improve your customer experience and make life simpler for your teams. To achieve this, we carry out an initial consultation to understand how your organisation works.


Once we have an in-depth understanding of your requirement, we demonstrate how our digital platforms will benefit your business, talk you through the customisation options and put forward our proposed solution.


We make implementation as seamless as possible, integrating your new solutions with any existing systems, joining up your processes and ensuring a smooth channel shift for both your customers and teams.


All our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, but full training will be provided to ensure your teams are completely confident in using your new systems and maximising their potential.


We offer a full ongoing support service, complying with defined service levels covering response times, resolution times, maintenance updates, systems upgrades and change controls. Our helpdesk can be contacted by telephone, email and our self-serve portal.


Having our own in-house development team means we are continually innovating and improving our technology. We listen to our customers and stakeholders, working closely with our clients to ensure we continue to provide the most effective and efficient solutions for their needs.

About Meritec

Meritec specialises in providing digital transformation solutions for local authorities, housing associations and private sector organisations. Working in close partnership with these organisations has enabled us to develop platforms and solutions designed to meet our clients' needs, helping them maximise opportunities and resolve specific problems and challenges.

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