Revenues and Benefits Processing

Managing staffing levels to meet the demands of Revenues and Benefits processing can be a challenge. By using Meritec’s reliable and cost-effective remote processing service, you can quickly reduce backlogs, cover leave and absence, cope with peaks in demand and ensure claimants are paid promptly.

Effective and Efficient

Resource support where and when you need it

Our remote Revenues and Benefits processing service can be delivered nationwide, allowing you to effectively manage peaks and troughs in demand and ensure the needs of citizens are met effectively and efficiently.

Revenues and Benefits processing

We provide highly skilled Revenues and Benefits professionals who can deliver immediate results on various software systems. They’ll act as an extension of your in-house team, allowing you to scale your staffing levels up and down as required.

Upskill your team

We offer a range of training courses covering all major areas of Housing Benefit.

Manage peaks and troughs

All our staff are fully trained with a minimum of five years of Benefits processing experience. They are there to support your team on short-term or long-term contracts, allowing you to cover absences and annual leave, reduce backlogs of work, bridge recruitment gaps or effectively manage peaks in demand.

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