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The importance of creating an organisational culture which allows staff to open up

The workplace has evolved from being a place where employees simply turn up, do their job and go home each day. People want more. They want job satisfaction – to feel valued, supported and engaged. Most of all, they want to feel safe. Not just safe from physical injury, but safe from humiliation, bullying and punishment for things that are out of their control. As such, more and more organisations are focusing on psychological safety – creating a safe environment for employees to open up.

In this article, we’re looking at how psychological safety can benefit your organisation, particularly its impact on mental wellbeing


Is Digital Transformation much bigger than just IT?

It stands to reason that if you want to undergo a digital transformation, you will need the right IT systems, hardware and software. But the technology itself is only one part of the digital transformation. If you don’t have good operational processes in the first place, how can you improve them, digitise them, or make them more efficient? And if you have fantastic technology in place, but nobody is using it, it serves no purpose. Digital transformation is far more than adding a payment portal to a website or implementing a new CRM. Digital transformation is ongoing.


The dichotomy of investing in training and upskilling staff

Having the right balance of skills within your organisation is key, but what happens when you have a skills shortage? How do you cover absences or manage increases in demand? How can you increase your capacity quickly and effectively to manage heavier workloads? Peaks and troughs in demand aren’t unusual, and the key to managing them is proactive planning. But when should you focus on training and upskilling your existing teams, and when should you outsource?

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