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Meritec’s Freedom of Information and Information Governance Management module enables organisations to gather requests via multiple contact channels including self-service digital forms and simplifies the process for the IG/FOI administrator to field requests and send to the relevant department or service area unit within the organisation.

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Alleviating the administrative burden

Information Governance Management across local authorities, Housing Associations and the Public Sector with regards to key areas such as Freedom of Information requests, has the potential to become a huge administrative drain on resources, if not carefully managed.  When you also consider areas such as GDPR, Data Protection, Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations (RPSI) and EIR-PS, Subject Access Requests and complaints then you begin to realise what a huge burden managing and responding to Information Governance requests within the required timeframes can become.

What’s more, when you consider such information requests could be on absolutely any operational area of service delivery, then it becomes clear that a software module to facilitate the gathering, dissemination and ultimate response to such requests, can save organisations a huge amount of time and money, as well as meeting regulatory requirements.

Information Governance

Transparent visibility

A simple traffic light systems enables the administrator to keep a close eye on the progress of all requests, any documents associated with the request and the request status (with associated timeline). The response due dates involved automatically trigger a range of different events.
Furthermore, the module has a full reporting dashboard with disclosure logs and publishable responses – which will ultimately lead to fewer duplicate requests in the future. By investing in a software module to manage the necessary process it ensures that all requests are processed in an organised and efficient manner, no GDPR issues arise, and the organisation remains fully compliant with legislation.


• Take the pain out of managing FOI & IG responses
• Intelligent workflow gets requests to the relevant department to respond
• Reduction in time and effort for FOI & IG requests
• Handle a range of Information Governance requests
• Reminders ensure response deadlines are met
• Reports meet regulatory requirements
• Resources can focus on tasks higher up the value chain
• Fully hosted solution – nothing to install or maintain
• Workbasket and workflow customisation can meet your exact requirements
• Publish responses to your website – stop demand at source


• Custom-built workflow to pass requests to the relevant service
• Notifications and reminders to respond
• Escalation & email reminders when response-times near
• Email templates auto-populate with content at various stages
• Handles complaints and compliments with dedicated workflows
• Red/Amber/Green escalation system allows you to prioritise requests
• IG team & service area collaboration
• Responses from service areas auto-populate the main response
• Custom dashboard
• Reports including disclosure log
• Fully (UK) hosted SaaS solution

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Case Study: Newark & Sherwood District Council – Streamlining the delivery of Information Governance

Digital Transformation

A range of requests come into the Council on a daily basis and due to regulatory requirements, the Council must respond to the requests within defined timescales. The Information Governance Team at Newark and Sherwood District Council worked closely with the Meritec team to build an automation module to reduce the administration burden on the team.

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