Meritec's CXM:360 is “CRM for the digital age” and takes the fundamental functionality of a CRM system and greatly enhances it by seamlessy incorporating digital communication channels into the solution, with as much focus placed on the customer experience, as the organisational benefits.

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Redefining CRM

CXM 360

"Customer Experience Management (CXM) is CRM for the digital age"

Traditional CRM systems have been around a long time and are typically focussed on the internal benefits of managing relationships with customers. In fact, traditionally so much focus has been placed on the benefits to the organisation, that little consideration is given to the customer. Although its intentions are good, sometimes this can lead to customer frustration rather than an enhanced service. This is where Meritec’s CXM (Customer Experience Management) 360 is different – creating a platform which enables local authorities and housing associations to positively control the customer experience, whilst providing a complete 360-degree view of the customer.

Low Code Platform

CXM 360 is built upon Meritec’s low code digital platform meaning that it is flexible, scalable and will allow the system to grow and evolve it’s functionality in line with the evolution of the organisation, its clients, its processes and ever evolving technology trends.

Digital Transformation

CXM 360 is a major step for Local Authorities and Housing Associations towards digital transformation and as well as incorporating seamlessly and efficiently more modern-day digital channels, it still enables you to handle the traditional contact channels in a more efficient way which enhances the customer experience. Why have multiple systems duplicating information and effort when Meritec’s CXM 360 can join up all of your dots with a future-proofed digital solution?

CXM 360

Transforming your customer experience

CXM:360 will enable you to transform service delivery, dramatically reduce costs, enrich the customer experience, grow digital and mobile services, improve processes and join up existing disparate business systems. Meritec already works in partnership with a number of local authorities and housing associations to design, deliver and scale solutions as individual requirements change, in a highly secure and flexible environment.


• Time and operational cost savings through improved workflow, reduced administration and automation
• Seamless end-to-end operation for customer fulfilment
• Real-time accurate data that assists management and teams to make better decisions
• Significant improvements in speeding up process transactions and cases
• Abundant management information
• Agility: the solution is designed to grow and change easily in line with the future needs of the organisation
• Provides customers with 24/7 self-service access to your organisation through preferred digital channel
• Lower software licence costs
• Full GDPR compliance
• No accidental duplication of data or processes


• Developed specifically for local government and housing associations
• Underlying business rules engine can be configured to meet local requirements
• On-demand access to computing resources, storage and network capacity
• Seamless scalability
• Pay only for the functionality you require
• Predictable pricing for control and transparency
• Utilisation monitoring and management reporting
• Custom dashboards, reporting and query facilities
• Highest levels of security
• Mobility – moving work in real-time to the right person
• Accessibility – data presented in the right place in the preferred form
• Geographical information – all enquiries or inspections are map based
• Designed to work with traditional and digital channels (phone calls, web forms, social media, face-to-face and sms messages)
• All processes can be completely digital: end-to-end digital workflows
• Mobile working integration
• Built in document storage system
• Ready to integrate with other frontline and back-office systems (full authentication and authorisation)

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Understanding workflows is critical to effective digital transformation

Effective digital transformation makes life easier for customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders. It speeds up processes, reduces errors and improves access to information.

But digital transformation can only be effective if it is designed with the needs of its users in mind, in line with how the organisation operates. That’s why understanding workflows is critical to the success of any digital transformation project.


The impact good systems can have on staff morale

Most organisations recognise the benefits of having good systems in place for serving customers. A better customer experience means happier customers and fewer complaints. However, one of the often-overlooked benefits of having good systems is their impact on staff morale.


The user interface and why it can make or break CRM integration

Meritec's Customer Experience Management software (CXM360) is a modern CRM for the digital age that allows Councils and Social Housing Associations to vastly improve the customer experience. Allowing data, contacts and requests for service to feed into the platform via multiple digital and non-digital channels whilst integrating with any number of back-office systems to allow advisors instant access to the data they need, when they need it without having to access multiple systems.

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