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As part of any organisations digital transformation journey there is an ever-growing requirement to offer contemporary digital user experiences and increasingly customers, be they businesses, citizens, tenants, or partners have an expectation that they can interact with organisations through a dedicated portal. Digital customer experience is a fundamental part of an organisations brand and Meritec's self-service Portals can be fully branded to meet your corporate identity and enable 24/7/365 access to key information and services.

Customer Service and Portals

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Starting the Digital transformation journey

Customer Portals

Provide 24/7/365 access to key information to your customers, tenants, residents and stakeholders

Digital transformation is an organisational journey of transition across from traditional communication channels to a completely integrated and seamless digital solutions. The benefits are huge - for both the organisation and their customers. Online customer portals play a huge part in delivering first-class, modern customer experiences.

Organisational Benefits

• Huge operational cost savings in dealing with customers
• Speed of response / resolution
• Improved brand image (embracing modern channels)
• Availability – offering citizens the ability to engage 24/7 from anywhere
• Improved processes from streamlined internal workflows
• Interact securely with customers
• Decreased cost per interaction

Customer Benefits

• Accessibility – anytime, anyplace, anywhere
• Speed of request response
• Simplicity – use their preferred channel
• Improved customer service
• Use preferred channel of contact
• Contact with organisation at a time/place to suit the customer

Quickly access key information

Customer Portals provide the interface to set up digital accounts to enable users to access key information including billing and service delivery processes, on an ongoing basis.  A variety of different digital portals can be set up for different user groups and configured depending on the requirements of each specific user type.  Each Digital Customer Portal can be branded in a bespoke manner in line with the organisation or department in question, enabling it to appear like a seamless extension of existing digital channels (such as a website) and can include social media integrations. Examples of different digital portals include:

  • Customer Portal
  • Member’s Portal
  • Business Portal
  • Citizen My Account
  • Landlord’s Portal
  • Tenant’s Portal
  • Licensing Portal
  • Commercial Waste Portal
  • Partner Portal

Simple and Secure

Meritec’s Digital Portals can support 1.5 (password and PIN) or 2 factor authentication which provides secure login and account management.  Due to Meritec’s focus on building software solutions on its own low-code digital platform, the Digital Portals can integrate seamlessly with other third-party systems and pull information from a variety of back-office systems.

Single Sign On (SSO) functionality also enables users to switch seamlessly between different portals and view the relevant data or process updates from that specific portal.  All portals are also configured to automatically pre-fill as much information as possible to make the user experience as simple as possible.

Digital Portals

Streamlining user requests

Digital Portals provide a robust and vital interface to streamline the handling of a wide range of user requests such as member’s enquiries, business invoice and billing, Citizen self-service or Partner collaboration. The Local Authorities or Housing Association’s view of the system allows them to clearly to view key information and key stage process information which can be configured to include simple traffic light systems to highlight case prioritisation or escalation.


• Enable interaction with any number of customers or partners
• Include customers & partners in your workflow
• Allow Digital consultation with partners & customers
• Fully hosted & supported – nothing to install
• Customise workflow and case management to your requirements
• Available 24/7 from any web-enabled device anywhere
• Reduce more costly telephone and face-to-face contacts
• Reduce postage costs with e-billing access to electronic invoices and contracts
• Customise interface with your corporate branding
• Enable true Digital Transformation
• Readily integrates with existing website


• Fully (UK) hosted SaaS custom web portals
• Integrations to key data-sources & 3rd party systems
• Secure login and account management
• Case management facility
• Document and invoice access
• Digital Platform integration
• Mobile friendly / responsive design
• Consultation facilities
• Secure web access 24/7 from any device
• Integration to a wide range of back-office systems to deliver a joined up view of disparate services data

Provide 24/7/365 access to key information and services for a range of customers and stakeholders

Our Portals

An online customer portal is an extension to your corporate website that allows your customers, be they consumers, businesses or partners, to access key information relating to their purchase, contracts, work that they conduct with your organisation. Think of the many “My Accounts” you may already have with companies/businesses/organisations such as your bank, utilities provider, online shopping providers eg Amazon as these are great examples of how a Customer Portal can give your customers realtime access to the information they want regarding the relationship with your business, anytime from anywhere.

Our customers

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After being awarded the contract, the Council highlighted that Meritec's experience in delivering similar complex projects (using our range of Digital Solutions), our friendly & easy to work with team, plus our proven partnership approach were key factors in their decision to award Meritec the contract.


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