Digital Waste Solutions

Meritec's suite of waste management modules have been developed with a number of UK Councils to facilitate the end-to-end delivery of the core waste services that Councils deliver to citizens and businesses. With modules for Domestic and Commercial waste plus the high-revenue generating Garden Subscription services each of the modules come with custom back-office CRM and dashboards and can readily integrate with our mobility working solutions on iOS and Android dedicated apps.

Commercial Waste

The Commercial Waste module integrates directly with your finance system to handle invoice generation and can optionally integrate with the on-board weighing systems in the collection vehicles to automatically generate excess-weight charges and invoices. The in-cab technology can support route planning and updates from the on-board app are fed back to the back-office CRM within minutes of being updated.

Domestic Waste

Our domestic waste CRM has integrated with a number of other Waste Services providers to stop demand at source and increase the ability of your service to meet SLAs whilst allowing customers to self-serve reducing the overhead of managing these resource-intensive services.

Garden Recycling

The Garden Recycling module enables the full end-to-end management of this high-revenue generating service and includes the ability to create sticker & letter exports and fully supports the high-volume renewal period.


  • Commercial waste solution including CRM & self-service
  • Domestic waste solution including CRM & self-service
  • Garden Recycling module handling full renewal process + letter & sticker generation
  • Mobile working (iOS & Android)
  • Route integration
  • Optional "My Account" portals
  • Manage round lists and schedules
  • Off-line working support
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Street-level incident reporting
  • Reporting suite
  • Incident reporting and resolution


  • Reduce demand at source
  • Free-up Officer time to work on service improvements
  • End-to-end workflow
  • Automation of time-consuming tasks
  • Integrates with many existing systems
  • Mobile working allows updates to be fed back from the crews to the back-office almost immediately
  • Allow customers to interact digitally through self-service intelligent web-forms
  • Customers can track progress of their reports via My Account Portal
  • Enables swift response to customer queries
  • Handle refunds, closed accounts and on-stop accounts efficiently
  • Integration between dashboard & in-cab technology provides round updates
  • Realtime updates to citizens and frontline offices on round progress
  • In-cab solution reduces paper worksheets

Garden Recycling

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