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Meritec is proud to offer a unique cybercrime awareness training course that is both fun and easy to understand for any audience.  Our approach to cyber security is to train as many people as possible in the potential threats, without the tech jargon.

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How strong is your human firewall?

Many organisations rely solely on IT solutions to protect themselves from cybercrime. Such controls alone are insufficient to prevent the increasing incidence and sophistication of cyber-attacks. The key part of an organisation’s defence against cybercrime is their workforce. With the right knowledge, employees can provide a ‘human firewall’ to quickly identify suspected cybercrime and stop cybercriminals in their tracks. Without this human firewall, your systems (and the data they contain) are at significant risk.

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75 %

of larger organisations had a breach last year.

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20 %

of attacks end up with a loss of revenue, data or assets.

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60 %

of mid-sized organisations go bust within 6 months of an attack.

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27 bn

Cybercrime is costing the UK every year in £.

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Cyber Wellbeing

Increasing Cybercrime awareness increases your protection

The latest version of the product contains up-to-date information on how cybercrime awareness across the organisation can help to protect your employees and the organisation from the inwards, outwards. The course is designed to empower your employees with knowledge that goes beyond the office and delivers a broad and consistent level of understanding of cyber security in around 40 minutes, and provides key messages in a non-technical, easy-to-understand way.


Raising awareness of key risks

Reduce the risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime

A safer and informed organisation

Reduce risk of cyber attacks / data breach

Protect your organisation’s reputation

Safeguarding staff from increasingly fraudulent practices

Take the course as many times as you like

Simple, cost-effective organisation-wide pricing

Suitable for all employees across the organisation

Multiple examples of different types of cyber security threats addressed


Putting you at the core of information security

Up-to-date & customised content that is regularly refreshed

Interactive features to test understanding

Accessible 24/7 from any device

No limitation on the number of learners

User-friendly language

Management dashboard on learner take-up & feedback

Development roadmap for future spotlight chapters

Customised to your brand

Content delivered in storytelling mode

Our Courses

Addressing the issues that matter

We’re continually developing our 'Focus on' courses, updating existing content and adding new material to address important issues and help you raise awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Mental Wellbeing Icon

Mental Wellbeing

Versions of our mental wellbeing awareness course have been created for local councils, schools, sports clubs and businesses to help employees and managers improve mental fitness.

Fraud Awareness Icon

Fraud Awareness

Versions of our fraud awareness training have been created for local authorities, housing associations, schools and private sector organisations to provide employees with a broad understanding of fraud.

Equality & Diversity

All employees in an organisation need to have a clear and consistent understanding of equality and diversity and how an inclusive organisation can enable improvements to customer service and to productivity. Our digital learning course enables these requirements for all employees and can form a critical part of an organisation’s induction process.

Digital Application

Risk Management

All organisations have an objective and a responsibility to manage risks effectively. Staff awareness of risk management enables organisations to reconcile risks and rewards, take informed decisions about exploiting opportunities and have increased confidence in achieving their priorities.



All managers and their staff need to understand the organisation’s role under the GDPR legal framework and have awareness of their own day-to-day responsibilities for data protection. Digital learning provides the opportunity to provide a clear understanding of: Who is responsible for GDPR compliance? What are the risks and costs of non-compliance ? What types of data exist and how can the processing of data vary? What are people's rights and responsibilities?

Our latest insights


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The key to anti-fraud culture for housing associations

Fraud is currently the most common crime in England and Wales, accounting for almost 40% of all crimes reported. It’s estimated that the UK loses around £190 billion to fraud each year, and £1.8 billion of this figure can be attributed to housing tenancy fraud alone.


Fraud and Cyber Crime – distinctly different or intrinsically linked?

Although fraud and cybercrime are often lumped together in terms of risk management, they are distinctly different. Not all fraud is committed online, and not all online crimes involve fraud.

Cybercrime Awareness training for organisations & their employees

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