Focus on GDPR

Focus on GDPR provides organisations with the opportunity to quickly raise the awareness of ALL employees on the importance of GPDR and their individual role in ensuring the organisation stays fully compliant with regards to data protection.

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How certain are you that your organisation is fully compliant with all the latest GDPR legislation?

Meritec has an unrivalled track record of designing cost effective digital learning solutions for the public and private sectors. One of our key courses within this area is Focus on GDPR, an area which has grown to become significantly important to ensure organisations follow the correct procedures and standards when it comes to data protection. Meritec has developed separate versions of the product available to meet the specific needs of local authorities, of schools and colleges, and of the private sector.

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4 %

The fine for a breach of GDPR requirements is €20m or 4% of the relevant department budget (whichever is higher).

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68 %

In 2020, a Cyber Security Breaches survey for the UK Government found that 68% of SMEs had identified at least one cyber security breach in the last year.

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272.5 m

European Union regulators have imposed GDPR fines of €272.5m to date, with €158.5m coming in the last 12 months.

Key Features and Benefits


The latest version of the product contains up-to-date information regarding GDPR to help all managers and staff to better understand the organisation’s role under the GDPR legal framework and to raise awareness of their day-to-day responsibilities for data protection. The course delivers a broad and consistent level of understanding of GDPR in just 45 minutes.

The course content is customised for individual organisations and has interactive features to confirm learner understanding.


• Broad understanding for all learners in 45 mins

• Up-to-date & customised content that is regularly refreshed

• Interactive features to test understanding

• Accessible 24/7 from laptop, mobile or tablet

• No limitation on the number of learners

• Downloadable so can be accessed “on the go” anywhere at any time (via optional app)

• Available for initial awareness & as on tap refresher


• Reduce risk of being fined for GDPR breaches.

• Protecting the reputation of your organisation

• Minimise training costs

• Ensure your organisation is following best practice with regards to data protection

• Safeguarding all organisational stakeholders from data breaches

• Easy to access & quick to take - average time is around 45 minutes

• Take the course as many times as you like

• Simple, cost-effective organisation-wide pricing - no "per-learner" costs

• Suitable for all employees across the organisation

• Quickly get key GDPR messages to the entire organisation

• Improving the use of resources and time – staff fulfil training at a pace to suit them

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We’re continually developing our 'Focus on' courses, updating existing content and adding new material to address important issues and help you raise awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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