Focus on Mental Wellbeing

Are you supporting your staff as effectively as you should be with regards to their mental wellbeing? Focus On Mental Wellbeing provides organisations with the opportunity to quickly, and cost effectively, raise the awareness of managers and staff on how they can each become mentally fitter and how the organisation can help that process.

Mental Wellbeing

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How high is mental wellbeing on your organisation's agenda?

Meritec has a proven track record of designing cost effective, digital learning solutions for the public and private sectors. This reputation has recently been enhanced by its development of a product called Focus on Mental Wellbeing.

Mental Wellbeing of staff is becoming an increasingly important issue which is steadily moving up organisation’s agenda, particularly in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent changes in working practices.

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76 %

or workers feel employers should be doing more

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83 %

of staff would like technology to support their mental wellbeing

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70 bn

in £ is what is mental health issues cost the UK each year

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25 %

of people will experience a mental health issue this year

Who we have helped

Meritec’s proven Focus on Mental Wellbeing product is successfully delivering quality learning to 100,000s of employees in the UK public and private sectors. Separate Editions of the product are available to meet the specific needs of councils, housing associations, schools, academies, colleges and universities, and private sector organisations.


Delivering broad and consistent awareness on Mental Wellbeing for all staff, including information on how to spot signs that others may be suffering and how staff should respond if they spot signs in themselves or in others.

Housing Associations

We have delivered our Focus on Mental Wellbeing course to many Housing Associations in the UK.


Cost effective awareness for both staff and their students on Mental Wellbeing and the impact on schools, academies, colleges and universities.

Private Sector

Effective awareness training for staff in SMEs and larger organisations to enable a broader understanding and awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Mental Wellbeing

Increasing awareness helps everyone

Focus on Mental Wellbeing was developed by Meritec in conjunction with David Beeney. David is a leading Mental Health consultant, founder of Breaking the Silence Ltd. and somebody who had suffered in silence about his own mental health for many years. David has endorsed the course and confirmed the added value it provides to his own portfolio of workshops and online presentations.


• Nurture a healthy, high-energy workforce
• Create a kinder and more supportive culture
• Reductions in sickness levels
• Help to retain key staff
• Enable employees to understand how they can improve their own mental fitness
• Easy to access & quick to take - average time is around 25 minutes
• Take the course as many times as you like
• Simple, cost-effective organisation-wide pricing
• Opportunity for improvements to productivity and service delivery
• Fully (UK) hosted solution - nothing to install or maintain


• Broad understanding for all learners in 20 to 45 mins
• Up-to-date & customised content that is regularly refreshed
• Interactive features to test understanding
• Accessible 24/7 from laptop, mobile or tablet
• Downloadable so can be accessed “on the go” anywhere at any time (via optional app)
• Interactive admin dashboard
• Full learner history
• Online certification
• Customised to your brand
• Feedback loop
• SCORM compliance means it can be, alternatively, installed on your own LMS (extra charges apply)
• No limitation on the number of learners
• Available for initial awareness & as on tap refresher
• Hosted on Meritec’s own LMS
• Development roadmap for further spotlight chapters
• Simple implementation & ongoing support

Our Courses

Addressing the issues that matter

We’re continually developing our 'Focus on' courses, updating existing content and adding new material to address important issues and help you raise awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

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Fraud Awareness

Versions of our fraud awareness training have been created for local authorities, housing associations, schools and private sector organisations to provide employees with a broad understanding of fraud.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime Awareness

Cyber Security is of growing critical importance to individuals and organisations of all sizes as cyber-criminals attempt to exploit weaknesses in order to access valuable data.

Equality & Diversity

All employees in an organisation need to have a clear and consistent understanding of equality and diversity and how an inclusive organisation can enable improvements to customer service and to productivity. Our digital learning course enables these requirements for all employees and can form a critical part of an organisation’s induction process.

Digital Application

Risk Management

All organisations have an objective and a responsibility to manage risks effectively. Staff awareness of risk management enables organisations to reconcile risks and rewards, take informed decisions about exploiting opportunities and have increased confidence in achieving their priorities.



All managers and their staff need to understand the organisation’s role under the GDPR legal framework and have awareness of their own day-to-day responsibilities for data protection. Digital learning provides the opportunity to provide a clear understanding of: Who is responsible for GDPR compliance? What are the risks and costs of non-compliance ? What types of data exist and how can the processing of data vary? What are people's rights and responsibilities?

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Our latest insights


Why is staff awareness of mental wellbeing so important?

So many things impact on our mental wellbeing, whether in the workplace or in our personal lives. Raising staff awareness around mental wellbeing can help create an open culture where individuals are more prepared to talk to each other.


The importance of creating an organisational culture which allows staff to open up

The workplace has evolved from being a place where employees simply turn up, do their job and go home each day. People want more. They want job satisfaction – to feel valued, supported and engaged. Most of all, they want to feel safe. Not just safe from physical injury, but safe from humiliation, bullying and punishment for things that are out of their control. As such, more and more organisations are focusing on psychological safety – creating a safe environment for employees to open up.

In this article, we’re looking at how psychological safety can benefit your organisation, particularly its impact on mental wellbeing


How lockdowns have had an impact on mental wellbeing awareness

Meritec look at how mental health of employees has been affected by the lockdowns of 2020 & 2021. The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 affected almost everyone in the UK, and the impacts of those lockdowns are still being seen today.

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