Focus on Equality & Diversity

All employees need a broad and consistent understanding of the scope of Equality & Diversity and how organisations can move towards a culture and a working environment that is more inclusive. By promoting equality and diversity in the workplace, organisations can create equality of opportunity, demonstrate how they value differences in the workforce and enable a culture and environment that are more inclusive.

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Understanding the impact of equality & diversity on your organisation

The key purpose of this course is to provide you with a broad and consistent understanding of the scope of Equality & Diversity and its impact on you as an employee and on the organisation overall. The course is designed to be mandatory for all staff and is an essential part of the employee induction process to help instil the correct organisational culture.

The expected benefits from encouraging Equality & Diversity are:

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Delivery of improved services to a diverse range of customers

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More satisfied and motivated employees which leads to higher productivity

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Attraction and retention of quality staff which maintains service continuity and minimises costs.

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Prevention of serious or legal employment issues (e.g. claims of bullying, harassment or discrimination).

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Avoidance of any resulting reputational damage from negative publicity and word of mouth.

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Organisational clarity on what is and isn't acceptable to help shape the culture of the organisation.

Equality & Diversity

Key Features
and Benefits

Focus on Equality & Diversity enables organisations to quickly and cost effectively raise staff understanding and awareness of the organisation's position and scope on the issue of Equality and Diversity. It is important that there is a broad and consistent understanding from day one which is why it has been designed to be integrated within a new starter induction process into the organisation.


Customised content for individual organisations

Interactive features to aid learner understanding

24x7x365 access via PC, laptop, mobile or tablet

Management dashboard with learner usage and feedback

SCORM compliance for secure hosting by Meritec or on-premise

Optional mobile app for harder to-reach learners.


Enhanced service delivery

Mitigate against legal action or financial claims by aggrieved parties

Enable more effective onboarding of new staff and engraining them within the company culture

High levels of staff satisfaction which enhances both recruitment and retention.

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