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Is Digital Transformation much bigger than just IT?


It stands to reason that if you want to undergo a digital transformation, you will need the right IT systems, hardware and software. But the technology itself is only one part of the digital transformation. If you don’t have good operational processes in the first place, how can you improve them, digitise them, or make them more efficient? And if you have fantastic technology in place, but nobody is using it, it serves no purpose. Digital transformation is far more than adding a payment portal to a website or implementing a new CRM. Digital transformation is ongoing.

Is digital transformation a necessity?

Over the last few decades, technology and online capabilities have advanced at a rapid pace. Some businesses embraced the digital revolution, while others resisted it for as long as possible. But digital is here to stay, and organisations that are still resisting change are putting themselves at risk.

Customer behaviours and expectations were already shifting before the pandemic, but enforced lockdowns sped up the shift. People who were previously hesitant about online services had to use them out of necessity and are now comfortable with things like online payments, video calling and live chats. As such, digital transformation is no longer viewed as a luxury – for most organisations, it’s now considered essential.

Benefits of digital transformation

There are so many benefits to digital transformation, but some of the key benefits include:

  • Better customer experience
  • Increased security and compliance
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Increased efficiency and capacity
  • Reduced cost
  • Better business continuity
  • More informed decision making
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Create additional revenue streams

And if you want your digital transformation to unlock all these benefits, it pays to plan.


Planning for successful digital transformation

As we said above, digital transformation is about much more than just IT systems. It starts with the planning and runs right through to implementation and beyond.

Start with the customer in mind

Your digital transformation should be focused on your customers. What services do they need, and how can you make it as easy as possible for them to access those services? You'll get better results if you build your systems with customer experience in mind.  

CRM digital platform

Review your operational processes

Every organisation has processes, even if they aren’t always documented. And, quite often, processes can be streamlined, digitised and automated. Even some of the most straightforward processes can be made more efficient. Reviewing your operational processes won’t just help you understand how to digitise them; it’ll also help you improve them.

Digital Transformation

Include a plan for user engagement

Any digital transformation strategy should be created with users in mind – whether that’s customers or employees. There’s no point in having a brilliant online portal if none of your customers use it. And there’s no point investing in new systems if your employees revert to old working methods. When you’re planning your digital transformation, you need to look at how to get customers and employees engaged.

How will you advertise new online tools to your customers? What support will you provide to customers who aren’t confident with these new tools? What training will your employees need to ensure they are utilising new systems and embracing new technology? Your digital transformation strategy should include a people strategy too.

Increase awareness around security

Cybersecurity is about more than just having the right antivirus in place. It’s about understanding where the vulnerabilities are so you can address them. One of the most commonly overlooked vulnerabilities is a lack of awareness among employees. Training your teams on cybercrime, fraud, and GDPR can help you protect your online systems and prevent data breaches or leaks.    

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Make continuous improvement part of the plan

The word transformation is a little misleading as it implies a single change. But digital transformation isn’t as simple as moving from one thing to another. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t end with the implementation of new online systems. The needs of your customers and employees will evolve, and your systems need to evolve with them – something you need to account for when planning your digital transformation.



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