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Low code = High productivity


More and more organisations of all sizes have realised the benefits that can be gained from implementing an organisation-wide digital platform.  From self-service portals that allow your customers to access your services 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, to advanced workflows and end-to-end digital processes, Digital Platforms have become an integral part of the way that forward-thinking Organisations deliver their services to a customer base that increasingly expects to be able to interact via digital channels.

Flexibility & Agility

The modern world moves at a fast pace, as does technology and the expectations that users/customers have of how technology should work to make their lives easier.  Gone are the days when cumbersome technologies hindered the customer experience and existed purely to make back-office processes better with little thought for how that affected the customer experience.

The fact that we live in an increasingly agile world means that the technologies organisations use to service their customers must also be agile enough to flex, change and evolve with the requirements of an increasingly expectant customer / user base.

                                                                                                                                      Low Code - What is it?

Phil Baron, Director of Digital Solutions at Meritec Limited said: "Low-code digital platforms allow trained users to build and evolve their own workflows and applications without the need for developers.  With some basic understanding of Boolean logic or, for example, the ability to create Excel macros, any user in any service area can 'programme and configure' new business processes".  Phil was recently featured in Housing Technology magazine:

Phil Baron
Phil Baron

'A good low-code digital platform should enable the configurator to build a process once and then 'surface' that process to multiple channels.'

Phil Baron, Director of Digital Solutions, Meritec

Success Stories

Several of Meritec's customers have been maximising the value they are getting from their investment in a low-code digital platform.  The majority of our customers have utilised the platform to quickly and effectively develop a number of COVID19 grant application forms, which were typically required to be delivered in extremely tight timeframes.  Many customers have fed-back how useful it was to be able to fully develop the grant application processes themselves and then surface them to the public for access from their website, all without any assistance from Meritec.  Typically the grant application processes required multiple stages and some advanced workflows to ensure that they were passed to the relevant service areas to deal with at the right point in the workflow.  By the end of February 2021, Derbyshire Dales District Council had paid out more than £14m of grants using a collection of intelligent web e-forms and workflow processes that were all developed fully in-house by Council Officers.

Furthermore, Anna Bainbridge, Digital Transformation Manager at Livin Housing said "During the first lockdown in 2020 we did not yet have the CX platform in place so designed and mobilised the Tenant Emergency Support Service (TESS) survey using the existing toolkit. This required technical staff to configure and deployment took place out of hours. The process of getting this up and running in its entirety probably took a week to do.  We have since gone live with the Meritec CX platform and having been placed back into lockdown recently, needed to deploy a slightly different iteration of the original TESS survey. The design, configuration, testing and data reporting set up using the new toolkit has been done in the space of a day, by non-technical staff.  The whole team including end users were delighted with this. A real win! For me this is what digital transformation is all about – making peoples’ lives easier!"