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#LowCodeLowdown Webinar


Technology within the social housing sector is constantly evolving, and now more than ever IT leaders are looking outside of the traditional solutions to improve the customer experience and enable truly flexible working. Meritec will be teaming up with Dave Loudon, one of the sectors most experienced consultants to talk Low-Code and its potential in a thought provoking webinar.

During this webinar we’ll show you why 2022 could be the most important year for low-code solutions in social housing. We’ll answer questions like “What exactly is low code?”, “How could my organisation use this technology?” and “What are the benefits to low-code adoption?”


We'll also be hearing from existing users as guest speakers.

The webinar learning outcomes include:

• How your organisation can develop agile workflows rapidly without reliance on external suppliers or developers.

• How the low-code 'community' enables rapid system development.

• How clunky spreadsheets and in-house applications can be replaced by seamless processes with integrations

• How business process automation on a digital platform improves efficiency of delivery and improves customer experience

• Understanding the need for sophisticated online portals (MyAccount’s) that integrate with your back-office systems

• Why future proofing your business systems is vital to continuity and avoiding future headaches.

• Have a better understanding of the benefits to low code adoption


The format will be a conversational discussion session between a number of speakers, including an interactive Q&A session.

About Dave Loudon (DTL Creative)

Dave Loudon, the Founder of DTL Creative is a leading industry expert and independent consultant to the social housing sector that is dedicated to improving the sector through technology and innovation.

Dave and his team of time-served technology focused colleagues work with housing associations and councils up and down the country.

From helping organisations to shape their digital strategies to providing resources to make the use of technology procurements, their knowledge of the sector and what others have done and are doing with existing and emerging technologies is praised by their clients.

Dave Loudon has been an independent consultant to the sector for over 10 years and is an advocate of the sector looking at technologies that can help landlords improve efficiencies and customer experience. Low-code is a technology Dave is keen to discuss as a viable and cost effective solution.

DTL Creative is proud to work with social landlords and local authorities such as Westminster City Council, Fife Council, Alliance Homes, South Lakes Housing, North Devon Homes and many more.

Dave and his team are at the very forefront of existing and new technologies within the sector, and due to the wealth of experience within the team and how closely they work with their clients, are able to offer fresh perspectives that can truly resonate with those working in the sector.