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How e-awareness courses are an investment in your team and your culture


Having a well-trained team makes sense in any organisation. If your employees receive quality training, they’ll not only have the knowledge to carry out their role, but they will feel more confident too. However, training and development shouldn’t be limited to role-specific learning, nor should it all be centred around new starters.

Providing your employees with accessible e-learning courses is an investment in your organisation and culture. Arm your teams with the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves, their colleagues and your business or organisation.

Individual wellbeing

Awareness courses around mental wellbeing, stress and anxiety can benefit your organisation in several ways:

  • Nurture a healthy and resilient workforce
  • Create a supportive culture and environment
  • Reduce sickness
  • Improve retention
  • Encourage employees to improve their own mental fitness

Over 12% of all sickness absence days in the UK are attributed to mental health conditions. By helping your employees understand mental wellbeing, you can reduce this figure and create a culture whereby employees look out for each other and themselves.

Organisational wellbeing

As well as educating employees on how to protect themselves, you can educate them on how to protect the organisation. Over 60% of SMEs experienced fraud attempts in the last 12 months, and fraud costs the UK taxpayers £137 billion each year. Fraud awareness and risk management courses are an easy and effective way of improving your organisational wellbeing and can significantly reduce the costs resulting from fraudulent activity. If employees know how to identify potential issues and how to report on them, they are more likely to act when they have a concern.

Digital wellbeing

UK organisations suffer annual losses of over £1bn to cybercrime, and attacks are increasingly on the rise. No organisation is immune to cyber attacks – cash, goods and data are all considered valuable to fraudsters. But fraud isn’t the only risk. If employees aren’t aware of how to handle data safely and securely, they could unknowingly be breaching GDPR. Cyber security training and GDPR awareness courses can help you protect your organisation from cyberattacks and accidental non-compliance.

Why choose digital learning?

 As we’ve shown above, awareness training is a fantastic investment, but upskilling your team doesn’t have to involve long days out of the office sitting through lengthy PowerPoint presentations. Digital learning is a cost-effective, accessible and engaging way of developing your teams.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of e-learning is accessibility. Employees can complete courses at a pace that suits them, at a time that is convenient, and on any device.

Knowledge retention

Because learners can learn at their own pace, they are more likely to retain the knowledge. If they want a refresher, they can simply log back in and review the course whenever they need to.

Improved productivity

E-learning can be completed during quieter periods meaning it won’t interfere with an employee’s workload. They don’t have to spend a day away from the office to complete the training, meaning minimum disruption to operations.


E-learning is cost-effective. You don’t have to hire expensive external trainers or cover travel to and from courses. Plus, digital courses are generally shorter than in-person workshops, so you don’t lose a day’s productivity every time an employee completes the training.

Meritec Digital Learning

Meritec e-awareness courses have been developed to help organisations tap into all the benefits listed above and more.

Our core ‘Focus on’ courses include:

  • Fraud Awareness
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • GDPR
  • Risk Management
  • Cyber Security

Sector-specific versions of our courses are available for local councils, housing associations, schools and colleges, grassroots sports clubs, private sector organisations and managers. We also offer ‘spotlight courses’ that drill down into more detail on specialist topics such as tenancy fraud, suicide prevention and stress management.

All our courses are SCORM compliant and can be hosted on your existing e-learning platform. Alternatively, Meritec offers a fully secure digital platform that can be customised to suit your organisation. Pay a one-off set-up fee and a monthly subscription fee to cover all your employees. Add your company branding, manage users internally, track completion rates and customise key content. Automatically collect learner feedback and send out course completion certificates.

Each employee will have a personal log-in to access course materials from anywhere on any device. We also offer learners (optional) iOS and Android mobile apps for on-the-go training. Our courses have been created in collaboration with subject matter experts to ensure high-quality content, which is updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance. We’ve had fantastic feedback from learners across a range of sectors and are proud to be supporting organisations across the globe.

If you’d like to learn more about our digital learning platform, contact our friendly team, who will be happy to demonstrate exactly how it can benefit your organisation.

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