What Our Customers Say

Marcus Lee

Senior Customer Services Officer (People)

Ryedale District Council

Ryedale District Council have previously used off-site processing from other providers, when we were approached by Meritec I was hesitant due to past experiences of the quality of work. Recently, we have been through an Organisational restructure, with limited resources and increasing workload we needed support to help clear down the outstanding work and to create resilience for the future delivery of the Benefits Service and decided to work with Meritec.

Having worked with Meritec for the past six months I can say it was a good decision to work with them. Meritec have been great to work with and we have found they deliver a professional service with consistent high quality standards and they embrace the guidance we present them with to maintain our work continuity.

The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and have felt like part of our team rather than a distant relationship. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Meritec to any other council looking for temporary or flexible support in Benefits.

Peter Moss

Operations Manager: Revenues & Benefits - Collection & Support

Rochdale Borough Council

We have worked with Meritec for a number of years and have found their flexible approach to be both convenient and efficient. Meritec have always managed to provide us with the support we’ve needed and have enabled us to get through times of crisis regarding workloads and resources. Being able to arrange short contracts when necessary has allowed an extra level of flexibility. Their experienced and knowledgeable people have always performed to our desired standards and very often exceed expectations

Pam Siddall

Head of Revenues, Benefits & Customer Services

Unity Partnership, Oldham

Having gone through a good number of changes within the service in recent times, we found that we had fallen behind with our work. Even though we were clearing the volume coming in, we were making no headway with the outstanding volume. We decided that we needed some support to help us clear these down. I turned to Meritec having worked with them a number of times, I was confident that they would again provide high quality staff to help us, as having used Meritec previously we had never been let down.

To cap it all, the cost was very competitive against the usual agency route. The outcome was extremely pleasing in that our objectives were met, not only that, there was added value in the advice provided by our Meritec worker to assist with our usual practices going forward. Overall, I am extremely satisfied and would always look to Meritec for support rather than take the agency option

Kate Hamp

Case Management Manager

South Hams District Council / West Devon Borough Council

The Meritec Flex team have provided invaluable support to us throughout our transition period. The staff working with us were well trained and well managed, and in regular contact with our own staff. They have been more than flexible to our changing requirements and crucially have felt like part of our team rather than the distant relationship familiar to many who have outsourced services in the past. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any other council looking for temporary or flexible skilled support in Revenues and Benefits.

Amelia Hadjimichael

Head of Benefits

London Borough of Haringey

Haringey have used off-site processing in previous years by other providers so when we were approached by Meritec I was very hesitant as a result of bad experiences with quality of work in the past.

With limited resources and ever increasing workload we needed support to help clear down the outstanding work and decided to work with Meritec.

Having worked with them for the past few months I can honestly say it was the best decision we made. We have found Meritec great to work with. They are professional with consistent high quality standards and they embrace the guidance we may present them with to maintain our work continuity.

The staff are very knowledgeable and have demonstrated this through the high quality output of their work and I am happy to recommend Meritec to other Local Authorities.

Dawn Cove

Head of Benefits

London Borough of Redbridge

I have used the services of Meritec Flex for a number of years and I continue to find them professional, knowledgeable and highly adaptable.

As we move into the uncertain world of Universal Credit, Meritec Flex are supporting my team to maintain our performance and face new challenges.

I highly recommend Meritec Flex as a resilience option to any authority.

Phil Rimmer

Service Head

Revenues & Benefits, Bolton Council

Delivering a diverse service that requires staff with a range of skills provides a number of recruitment challenges.  Working closely with Meritec over the years has enabled me to recruit the right staff at the right time with the added advantage of flexible contracts and additional management support.

Shona Knight

Assistant Benefits Manager

Bromsgrove & Redditch Councils

We used Meritec Flex as an additional resource to help us through a difficult period. Off-site processing was new to us but was organised and set up very well by Meritec Flex who were obviously experienced in this field and guided us through the process. An extremely competent assessor was allocated to our contract who fitted in with our own working practices and procedures with no difficulty. We would be very happy to use Meritec Flex in the future.

Donna Radley

Head of Benefits

Elevate East London

We have been working with MERITEC for over a year and have found their staff very efficient, professional and knowledgeable in their work. The overall performance and quality of work from their officers has been exceptional and they have integrated seamlessly into the benefits team proving to be a great additional asset. As our service adopts a flexible working approach we have staff working throughout various locations across the country so having additional off site workers managed by Meritec fits our working practice and structure perfectly. Meritec have arranged and provided both long and short term support and are very open and flexible in their approach, ensuring they find out all our requirements and detail in depth so to be able to fit their resource and support perfectly into the service at very competitive rates. We have no hesitation in continuing to work closely with Meritec as we move forward through these changing times and have no reservations in recommending their services to other organisations.

Daniel Marson

Benefits Manager

City of Stroke-on-Trent

The Authority had never used off-site benefit processing support before, so it was important that we identified an organisation who could provide us with a quality and efficient service in order to establish the confidence and trust amongst staff required for the relationship to develop positively. Meritec were flexible in their arrangements as we worked through the implementation and quickly identified three excellent staff members for our work. These staff have made an instant impact on our outstanding work, through their hard working and committed approach, and have demonstrated an excellent level of HB knowledge and expertise. Dealing with Meritec has increased our resilience to deal with demands at an uncertain time for HB caseloads, with a flexible and cost effective solution.

Michael Fisher

Revenues and Benefits Service Manager

South Lakeland DC

Meritec Flex provided South Lakeland DC with much needed resources following our recent software conversion. They were able to put resources in place to enable us to maintain performance and processing times within our Benefits team. They took a work package to process claims over a fixed number of weeks to clear our backlog. The speed at which resources were made available and the quality of processing means we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend and use Meritec again in future, in fact we have just contracted our second work package to them

Sarah Archibald

Principal Appeals & Assessment Officer

Uttlesford District Council

We had recently gone through staffing changes and the work was beginning to fall behind.  We decided to look at additional remote support and came across Meritec.  We had not used them before but their rates were very competitive.  They took time to understand our local policies and procedures and as a result the work produced was of a very high standard.  We would not hesitate to look to them for further support in the future.

Darren Davies

Corporate Anti-Fraud Team Leader

LB Harrow

The sad fact of modern life is that fraud represents almost 50% of all crimes committed in the UK and the figures are on the increase.  Delivering this important awareness message to in excess of 5000 employees is a challenge which is why Harrow have chosen to work with Meritec due to their solid reputation in Local Authorities at providing bespoke e-training packages.  The process was relatively straight forward; we reviewed the original package offered by Meritec and were quickly and easily able to personalise and adapt the content to align with our Corporate Anti-Fraud & Corruption Strategy.  The package is fully SCORM compliant and we were able to load it directly to our learning management system so it remains consistent with our corporate L&D strategy.  We are confident, it will provide real value to the organisation and will further supplement the on-going fraud awareness programme which is very much part of our annual programme of fraud risk work.