Focus on Cybercrime Awareness 

Upgrading your Human Firewall to protect your organisation against Cybercrime from the inside outwards.

Empower your staff to act as a human firewall to identify and stop potential breaches at their most common access gateways 

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Meritec’s Digital Learning portfolio covers courses to support

  • Organisational wellbeing
  • Individual wellbeing

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Meritec’s Focus on Cybercrime Awareness is a small way to make a big difference

  • 80% of data breaches in 2021 were caused by user error (Source: UK's ICO & CybSafe)
  • 82% of all business breaches are due to a human element - either errors or social engineering.  Cybersecurity is not at IT issue, it is a people issue (Source: AAG)
  • The proportion of fraud which was cyber-related has increased from 53% to 61% since lockdown (Source: Cabinet Office) 
  • The UK had the highest number of cybercrime victims per million internet users in 2022 - more than any other country in the world. (Source: AAG).
  • 39% of businesses experienced a cyber-attack in 2022.  This could be via desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones and networks. (Source: AAG)

For as little as 50p per
employee per annum

Focus on Cybercrime Awareness can provide your entire workforce with the knowledge needed to protect themselves and the organisation.

You may have invested in the physical & technical controls to protect your IT but how secure is your human firewall?

All employees are responsible for protecting their organisation from cybercrime and other fraudulent activity. many of your employees, through lack of awareness, are a current cybersecurity risk? (It's typically between 40-70%).


  • Can all employees spot the early warning signs of an attempted cybercrime?
  • Can they recognise a phishing email or someone trying to orally extract confidential or sensitive information?
  • Do they understand the risks of poor and lazy passwords?
  • Do they realise the risks of working on an unsecured wi-fi?

Making learning easy & rewarding for your staff with our cloud-based platform

  • Customised content for individual organisations
  • Interactive features to aid learner understanding
  • 24 x 7 x 365 access via PC, laptop, mobile or tablet
  • Management dashboard with learner usage and feedback
  • SCORM compliance for secure hosting by Meritec or on-premise
  • Optional mobile app for harder-to-reach learners

Positive outcomes for your organisation

  • Reduce losses from cybercrime – closes up the gateways of weakness, deters internal attacks and protects staff, suppliers, customers, data and reputation.  One Malware Attack on average costs 50 days of downtime. (Source: Accenture)
  • Minimise training costs – digital learning facilities enable timely delivery of quality learning to large numbers of individuals.
  • Create an anti-fraud culture – an awareness initiative driven from the top of the organisation shows a commitment to preventing fraudulent activity and cybercrime through creating a culture of vigilance.
  • Improve the use of resources – staff fulfil their training needs at a pace that suits them, allowing specialist staff to focus on fraud detection and investigations.
  • Educates staff - not only to be vigilant at work but to protect themselves personally.  Educated staff are 38% more likely to detect an attack. (Source: Osterman Research).

A small price to pay for reducing losses from cybercrime, optimising the availability of your  service and protecting your organisation from reputational damage.

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Meritec Testimonial from Stoke On Trent City Council fraud awareness

Meritec’s Focus on Fraud Awareness has enabled us to provide a simple and engaging e-learning session for all staff across the council enabling them to identify fraud and report their suspicions. Based on the effectiveness of the training and the positive feedback received from staff, a number of our partners within the Staffordshire Counter Fraud Partnership have also invested in the package.

Andrew Massey, Corporate Fraud Manager, Stoke-on-Trent City Council

Here are some of the organisations already subscribing to our Digital Learning Awareness courses:

Birmingham City Council Logo
Redcar & Cleveland Borough Council Logo
Rochdale Borough Council Logo
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council Logo

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