Focus on... Mental Wellbeing

Focus on… Mental Wellbeing provides organisations with the opportunity to quickly and cost effectively raise the awareness of managers and staff on how they can each become mentally fitter and how the organisation can help.

Meritec has a proven track record of designing cost effective, e-awareness solutions for the public and private sectors. This reputation has recently been enhanced by its development of a new product called Focus on… Mental Wellbeing.

Focus on… Mental Wellbeing was developed by Meritec in conjunction with David Beeney. David is a Mental Health consultant, founder of Breaking the Silence Ltd. and somebody who had suffered in silence about his own mental health for many years. David has endorsed the course and confirmed the added value it provides to his own portfolio of workshops and online presentations.


  • Broad understanding for all learners in 20 to 45 mins
  • Up-to-date & customised content that is regularly refreshed
  • Interactive features to test understanding
  • Mobile friendly for anytime/anywhere use – 24 x 7 x 365
  • No limitation on the number of learners
  • Available for initial awareness & as on tap refresher
  • Hosted on Meritec’s own LMS
  • Management dashboard on learner take-up & feedback
  • Development roadmap for further spotlight chapters
  • Simple implementation & ongoing support


  • Nurture a healthy, high energy workforce
  • Create a kinder and more supportive culture
  • Reductions in sickness levels
  • Help to retain key staff
  • Enable employees to understand how they can improve their own mental fitness
  • Easy to access & quick to take - average time is around 25 minutes
  • Take the course as many times as you like
  • Simple, cost-effective pricing - no "per-learner" costs
  • Opportunity for improvements to productivity and service delivery
  • Fully (UK) hosted solution - nothing to install or maintain

Focus On.. Mental Wellbeing

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