Award-winning e-awareness course focusing on how to detect fraud within your organisation

Focus on... Fraud Awareness provides organisations with the opportunity to quickly raise the awareness of ALL employees on the risks of fraud and how these can be mitigated.

Meritec has an unrivalled track record of designing cost effective, e-awareness solutions for the public and private sectors. This reputation has recently been enhanced by its development of a new product, called Focus on... Fraud Awareness. The new product contains up-to-date information on how fraud (in all its guises) can negatively impact on an organisation’s performance, finances and reputation. Separate versions of the product are also available to meet the specific needs of local authorities, of schools and colleges, and of the private sector.

Testimonials on the quality of Focus on... Fraud Awareness have been received from a number of user organisations. For example, Lincolnshire County Council who worked with Meritec on development of the course, has rolled out the product to all of its staff and to all Lincolnshire schools.  Indeed the schools version of the course contributed to Lincolnshire’s success at the Government’s Counter Fraud Awards in 2019 with its win in the “Excellence in Raising Fraud Awareness in schools” category.


  • Broad understanding for all learners in 20 to 45 mins
  • Up-to-date & customised content that is regularly refreshed
  • Interactive features to test understanding
  • Mobile friendly for anytime/anywhere use – 24 x 7 x 365
  • No limitation on the number of learners
  • Available for initial awareness & as on tap refresher
  • Hosted on Meritec’s own LMS
  • Management dashboard on learner take-up & feedback
  • Development roadmap for further spotlight chapters
  • Simple implementation & ongoing support


  • Reduce losses from fraud
  • Minimise training costs
  • Easy to access & quick to take - average time is around 45 minutes
  • Take the course as many times as you like
  • Simple, cost-effective pricing - no "per-learner" costs
  • Suitable for all employees across the organisation
  • Covers a wide range of fraud types
  • Quickly get key fraud messages to the entire organisation
  • Train your staff to be alert to potential cases of fraud
  • Multiple examples of different types of fraud

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