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Meritec has developed a range of cutting edge technology services which have been built from the ground upwards, enabling public sector organisation to customise solutions to suit their specific processes and applications.

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Digital Transformation for the Public Sector

Meritec’s ability to combine its own low code digital platform with a range of specific software modules is what enables it to truly offer digital transformation to public sector organisations who want to seamlessly channel shift their customers in order to improve workflows, enhance the customer experience and dramatically reduce costs.

Public Sector focus

Carefully considered functionality

This desire to improve workflows, operational efficiencies and customer experience is not unique to local authorities and housing associations, in fact many areas of the public and private sector are looking into similar ways to achieve these objectives. In addition, by achieving all of these elements organisations are naturally dramatically reducing operational costs, which for public sector organisations can be significant.

Transferable skills

Although the existing software modules have been developed for very specific functions within local authorities and housing associations, they were all developed from scratch in-house. What this shows is that the underlying process Meritec would undertake to develop a specific solution, which delivers streamlined business processes and efficiency, is easily transferable to different organisations, with different processes and workflows.

Process efficiency

Our approach, when developing any new functionality or software module, is to focus on the process flow and speed to make it as efficient as possible – eradicating clunky steps, meeting volume demands, eradicating failures, automating wherever possible, enhancing cross function communication and information sharing and driving unnecessary costs out of the process. This is relevant to any public or private sector organisation.

Existing solutions

There are certain elements of Meritec’s existing solution portfolio which lend themselves very well to delivering wider public sector benefits and savings – such as CXM:360, Digital Portals, Self-service Web-forms, Room/Resource Booking and the Information Governance module. However, other more specific task/departmental requirements can be built from “the ground up” easily, due to the low code nature of the platform and the ease with which it can integrate with third-party systems.

Digital Learning

Our range of digital learning courses on subjects such as fraud awareness, mental health and digital (cyber) wellbeing are perfectly suited to a wide range of both public and private sector organisations.

Our customers

Our latest insights


The dichotomy of investing in training and upskilling staff

Having the right balance of skills within your organisation is key, but what happens when you have a skills shortage? How do you cover absences or manage increases in demand? How can you increase your capacity quickly and effectively to manage heavier workloads? Peaks and troughs in demand aren’t unusual, and the key to managing them is proactive planning. But when should you focus on training and upskilling your existing teams, and when should you outsource?


Raising Fraud Awareness for all employees? A small price to pay for a full night’s sleep 

Explore the benefits to any organisation by providing all employees and stakeholders with Fraud Awareness training.


Why low-code systems are the way forward

In the early days of the software development, everything had to be coded from scratch. Making changes to an application wasn’t a two-minute job, and functionality was limited, to say the least. These days, low-code systems enable anyone to create workflows, online forms and automations, even if they have limited or no coding skills. It’s one of the reasons so many businesses and organisations are opting for low-code systems, and it’s why we think they are the way forward.

Digital Learning Courses

Developed in collaboration with subject matter experts, our digital learning solutions have been carefully created to increase awareness around specific issues faced by our existing clients and organisations across the globe.

Fraud Awareness

Versions of our fraud awareness training have been created for public and private sector organisations to provide employees with a broad understanding of fraud.

Mental Wellbeing

Versions of our mental wellbeing awareness course have been created for public sector organisations to help employees and managers improve mental fitness.

Cyber Wellbeing

Versions of our cyber wellbeing awareness course have been created for the public sector, where the risk of data breaches could have catastrophic consequences.

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