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Meritec has been working with local authorities for over 25 years and in that time has worked directly or in-directly with over 80% of all the Councils in England and Wales.

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Transforming the way Local Authorities operate

Local Authority

Agile & Flexible Solutions

Meritec has extensive experience in working in partnership with local authorities to deliver excellent services and true digital transformation with agile and flexible digital solutions.

Local Authority focus

Carefully considered functionality

Meritec’s solutions have been developed specifically for local authorities, overseen by a team who previously sat within a large local authority. Our approach when developing any new functionality or software modules is to focus on the process flow and speed of delivery to make it as efficient as possible – eradicating clunky steps, meeting volume demands, eradicating failures, automating wherever possible, enhancing cross function communication and information sharing, and driving unnecessary costs out of the process and organisation as a whole.

Working backwards, looking forwards

In order to do this we always consider where has the process originated from, how has it been received, how does it need to be dealt with and how does it need to be fulfilled. This is always our approach whether considering Garden Recycling, Freedom of Information Requests or Customer Experience Management (CRM).

Systems integration

Our experience in working with local authorities also enables us to understand that we could be working on integrating our new technology with a myriad of alternative legacy systems to ensure that there is no duplication of information and that all dots are joined up seamlessly.

Brand reputation

We are accutely aware of the growing importance of brand reputation within the local authority sector and work closely with our clients to ensure that a seamless brand experience is provided, further instilling customer confidence in their local authority.

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