Housing Associations

Whilst Meritec’s platform and software solutions were initially developed to support a wide range of local authority processes across different service areas, it also lends itself naturally to housing associations due to the crossover between the two and the shared functionality requirements of some of the modules.

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Digital Transformation across housing associations

Meritec has grouped a number of its solutions together to meet the requirements of key social housing landlords, utilising its low-code platform as the base system to enable housing associations to grow and evolve their own digital transformation to realise process efficiencies, improved customer service and significant cost savings.

Housing Associations

Cutting-edge technology

Meritec has worked closely with a number of UK social housing landlords to develop its cutting-edge technology to create a package perfectly designed to meet the needs of the social housing market.

Specific functional elements of the housing solutions offering includes the following, which combined allows you to build streamlined workflows for any standard processes:

CXM 360

Meritec’s highly functional Customer Experience Management system has been adapted for the Social Housing sector. It features a customer contact digital platform, 360-degree view of Tenants and Properties, integrated with all the main Social Housing back-office system providers, tenant/customer self-service forms, mobile working, case management, workflow, document management, flexible reporting, seamless scalability and the highest levels of security.

Digital Portals

Meritec’s Digital Portals provide the self-service capability for our web e-forms solution and these can be seamlessly merged with existing web sites and integrated to a wide range of third-party solutions e.g. payment and repairs systems. Integral to the digital portal is the My Account functionality that has been configured for a number of use cases e.g. Tenant Portal, Members Portal, Partner Portal, Landlord Portal, Citizen My Account, Licensing Portal, Commercial Waste My Account, Business My Account Portal. The Tenant Portal provides direct access to all the information the Tenant requires to engage digitally with their Social Landlord.

Low Code Platform

Enabling an organisations employee’s to amend existing and build totally new digital workflows is an ever-growing requirement of transformation focused Housing Associations. The agility and flexibility that a low-code platform can offer social housing landlords and organisations is undeniable and this approach to rapid service improvement is quickly becoming a key component of forward-thinking organisations technology plans.


All our Social Housing solutions can readily integrate with our mobility working solutions on iOS and Android dedicated apps. Our Mobile apps support mobile working with secure integration into the Digital Platform. Mobility workers can access their role-based workbaskets to receive, progress, update and close jobs assigned to them. Furthermore it supports full offline working mode that syncs to the back-office digital platform.

Housing Association focus


A full view of your tenants data from a number of disparate systems, all in once place. The solution includes pre-configured “off the shelf” processes or can be customised to your workflow requirements. Integrating seamlessly with your existing back-office systems, our CXM360 processes can be configured by in-house resources with very little training required.


• Hugely improved presentation of key business information for internal use
• A single view of tenant and property information
• Greatly reduce the number of disparate systems customer service agents need to access
• UK based fully hosted SaaS solution – nothing to install
• Hugely improved presentation of key information for the tenant
• Ability to amend and develop your own applications and processes
• Pre-built library of existing workflow processes for rapid on-boarding


• Being in control of all the interactions with customers
• Enable true end-to-end Digital
• Greatly enhanced customer/tenant experience
• Simpler automated customer journeys
• Consolidation of disparate technologies and systems improving the overall organisational value
• Skills and capabilities to be self-sufficient and make changes as required
• Simple low-code application / process development

A range of flexible service solutions

Flexible Resourcing

Meritec’s Flexible Rescourcing team can offer a great range of support services for Social Housing Associations with regards to Housing Benefit enquiries and delivering Customer Services resources remotely.

Digital Learning

A growing number of Housing Associations are subscribing to Meritec’s Fraud and Mental Wellbeing Digital Learning solutions to quickly and cost-effectively rollout awareness training to all employee’s on these subject matters.

Digital Transformation

Housing Associations are tapping into Meritec's expertise and technology to create real digital transformation within their organisations.

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