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Enabling Change the Digital Way


More and more organisations of all sizes have realised the benefits that can be gained from implementing an organisation-wide digital platform. From self-service portals that allow your customers to access your services 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world, to advanced workflows and end-to-end digital processes, Digital Platforms have become an integral part of the way that forward-thinking Organisations deliver their services to a customer base that increasingly expects to be able to interact via digital channels.

What’s the problem?

It is becoming evident that the required scale and pace of change in the public sector cannot be achieved by organisational change alone. It can only be achieved through digital transformation.

All public sector organisations are driven by similar needs: to reduce spending substantially; to enable customers to fulfil their needs when and how they want; and to secure new ways of working that future-proof their organisation through operational agility and mobility. Moreover, organisations need change that delivers earliest returns - yet is sustainable down track to provide a robust basis for continuous improvement.

What can we do?

What’s needed is Meritec’s unique digital platform that can provide the underpinning modern technologies together with a digital business process design engine to radically enable transformation across the organisation with a prime focus on “doing more for less faster” for the customer.

Our platform, ESB Agile, delivers a transactional environment with true “digital by default” capabilities including a "personal account" enabling the customer to quickly access services and information and do so regardless of location or time of day. This omni-channel facility is fully integrated with relevant other systems to ensure seamless and smooth work flow across the organisation. Most importantly, the platform fully enables mobile access and working so the organisation and its customers can adopt modern flexible modes of operation.

Our customers have found that, following deployment of our platform, the reduction in staff time is dramatic, yet service performance is improved by speeding up fulfilment. More effective results are delivered by focusing on real needs, whilst risk is reduced by deploying proven methods. Information is more effectively exploited by interfacing easily with critical business systems but the approach eases management support by keeping technology simple and together.

Digital Learning

What else is happening?

Unlike older methods, the digital platform is extremely flexible so it does not lock the organisation into any fixed way of doing things. This means that it is easy to ensure it does what is wanted at the outset but if/ as needs or preferences change then it is simple to accommodate.

Meritec is helping our customers to transform service delivery by digital means with great success. But, across the public sector the need for the outcomes that such change can bring is enormous.

Perhaps the first step is that business managers must be able to visualise the different ways of working that a digital platform can bring. A brief demonstration of an ESB Agile deployment may be all that’s needed. That should suffice to show that traditional approaches to change are not enough