Social Housing Solutions

Built on Meritec's digital transformation platform our range of growing Social Housing digital solutions offers Social Landlords both modern and affordable cutting-edge technology coupled with working with some really committed and talented people. We have developed our solutions working with a number of UK Social Housing Landlords and continue to explore how our unique digital technology and people skills can be applied to enhance our offer to the Social Housing sector.


Our highly functional Customer eXperience Management (CRM in old money) solution that has been developed specifically for the public sector and adapted for the Social Housing sector working alongside key Social Landlord partners.  It features a Customer contact digital platform; Transactional Web Portal; 360 degree view of Customer and Property (any asset) integrated with all the main Social Housing back office system providers; Customer Self Service/Digital by Default; Mobile Working; Case Management; Workflow; Document Management; Flexible reporting; Full integration with back-office systems; Seamless scalability; Highest levels of security


Our Digital Portals provide the self-service capability for our web e-forms solution and these can be seamlessly merged with existing web sites and integrated to a wide range of third party solutions e.g. payment systems. Integral to the digital portal is the My Account functionality that can be has been configured for a number of use cases e.g. Tenant Portal, Members Portal, Partner Portal, Landlord Portal, Citizen My Account, Licensing Portal, Commercial Waste My Account, Business My Account Portal.  The Tenant Portal provides direct access to all the information the Tenant requires to engage digitally with their Social Landlord.


All our Social Housing solutions can readily integrate with our mobility working solutions on iOS and Android dedicated apps. Our Mobile apps supports mobile working with secure integration into the Digital Platform. Mobility workers can access their role-based workbaskets to receive, progress, update and close jobs assigned to them. Full offline working mode support that syncs to the back-office digital platform.


A suite of intelligent web eForms pre-configured “off the shelf” or customised to your workflow requirements. Integrating seamlessly with your existing website(s) and fully responsive and accessible, our web eForms can be configured by in-house resources with very little training required.


  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing housing management system
  • Workflow / case-management
  • Build your own forms - low code self configuration
  • Document upload facility
  • Fully responsive for mobile
  • iOS & Android mobility worker apps
  • Integration hub
  • Email & SMS integration
  • Existing suite of processes
  • My Account portals


  • Hugely improved presentation of key business information for internal use
  • A single view of tenant and property information
  • Available 24/7 from any web-enabled device
  • UK based fully hosted SaaS solution – nothing to install
  • Hugely improved presentation of key tenant information for the tenant
  • Being in control of all the interactions with customers
  • Enable true end-to-end Digital
  • Simpler automated customer journeys enhancing the customer's experience
  • A consolidation of disparate technologies improving the overall organisational value
  • Skills and capabilities to be self-sufficient and make changes as required

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