Benefit Claim Online

Meritec’s BCOL system provides an intelligent, intuitive and on-line/ real-time, self-service facility for claimants to create and
submit a housing benefit and/or council tax reduction claim to a user Council.

It was developed in conjunction with local authorities, since corporate and service managers wanted a solution that enables their customers to access services by whatever channel they prefer and, most importantly, to self-serve and to fulfil their needs in an end-to-end way.


  • Provides facility for customer to input data
    (relevant to the claim) online
  • Attractive, easy to use screens that render readily
    for any device
  • If used in conjunction with our digital services
    system it will identify/ authenticate the customer/
    claimant, where appropriate (though claimant may
    choose to be anonymous)
  • Highly interactive and intuitive experience for the
  • Intelligently learns from information input and
    aligns further questions accordingly
  • Ample pop-up information and explanations
  • Collects and collates data input by the claimant
  • Passes data to back office systems for further
    processing (relevant APIs required)
  • Optionally integrates in real time with RBV system
    (relevant licence required) to return request to
    claimant for and enable on line submission of
    appropriate evidence.


  • Allow claimants to complete and submit their claims anywhere from any device 24/7/365
  • Fully automated experience for the claimant
  • Reduce time, money and effort spent on paper submissions
  • Improved customer experience - reduce the amount of work a claimant must do to submit a claim
  • Process automation - flow the claim where you need it to go
  • Real-time integration with risk-based verification providers
  • Save functionality: partially complete the claim and return to it later
  • Efficiencies through process automation
  • Free up key staff to perform activities higher up the value chain
  • DMS & workflow integration

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