Agile and Flexible Digital Solutions

Our approach is to ensure that solutions do what’s needed in the most simple and effective way at a much more affordable cost.

Furthermore, much of the day to day support and functionality adaptations can be carried out by intelligent users; it does not
require technical IT staff or a dependency on us to apply local changes as they are required.

Consequently sustainability and affordability figure highly for those Authorities with an eye on the future as much as the present.


Change for the Better

Our solutions have already proved they can transform the process of
fulfilling requirements whilst dramatically reducing costs.
Typically, our solutions focus on the most effective route to fulfilment
and manage all the requisite information, processes, outputs and
interfaces with other vital systems. All at substantially reduced cost
compared with alternative.

Furthermore, our solutions are based upon an expert facility which can
rapidly generate new business applications through the definition of
appropriate rules and parameters. So, whilst each of our solutions are
ready to go, they can be readily deployed and easily tailored to suit local

Joined up Services

Just as significantly, the underlying technology is ideal for building applications
in all areas of Council business – whether it be information or transaction
based – with the highest levels of security. Solutions have already been
developed and deployed successfully in areas ranging from financial
applications to digital planning – the latter utilising the powerful GIS and mobile
capabilities that make ESB Agile a truly future-proofed solution.

Because it is so easy and more affordable to link the front with the back office
the result is a truly integrated and seamless digital and mobile solution for the
modern Local Authority.