Meritec has a very strong track record of working with schools and further education institutions.

Education and training


Awareness Training for Education

Meritec has extensive experience of working in partnership with schools and FE institutions to deliver high-quality digital learning experiences and awareness training across a variety of subjects including mental health and fraud awareness.

Education focus

Carefully considered content

Meritec’s digital learning / awareness solutions have been developed working closely with teachers and key stakeholders in education, overseen by a team who previously sat within a large local authority who had control over Education. Our approach when developing any new content is to work with leading subject matter experts to ensure that our content and messaging are not only relevant and upto date, but also engaging and informative. Where a broader subject matter has been adapted for the Education market, we often create "spotlight chapters" which hone in on key messages and take-aways that bare specific to the Education sector.

Mental Wellbeing

Our 20-minute ‘Focus On…Mental Wellbeing’ course enables staff to recognise that it’s ok to share their vulnerabilities, understand how they can improve their own mental fitness, and sustain their stamina, resilience and energy during challenging circumstances and over long periods.

Fraud Awareness

Our ‘Focus On…Fraud Awareness’ solution provides employees with a broad understanding of how fraud, in all its guises, can negatively impact an organisation’s operational performance, finances and reputation. In 45 minutes, employees will learn the risks of fraud, how to spot a fraudster, how to mitigate fraud and what to do if they suspect fraud.

Cyber Wellbeing

Our ‘Focus On… Cyber Wellbeing’ e-awareness product gives employees a broad understanding of the threats of cyber attacks and how they apply to the organisation, why they are important to protect against, and the steps required to ensure all staff follow protocol to best protect the business.

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