Plans & Pricing

Meritec has worked in close conjunction with subject matter experts to create a range of digital learning courses which tackle a range of subjects that affect organisations of all sizes. With this in mind Meritec has endeavoured to keep its pricing competitive to ensure organisations of all sizes can benefit from its range of courses.

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Clear, simple and affordable pricing

Our courses aim to deliver clear and concise awareness messages on a range of key subject matters, so we are keen to make our pricing as simple as possible.

Digital Learning Pricing

The pricing for our courses varies depending on the course and how it is delivered: either on our UK hosted Cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) or for on on-premise LMS using SCORM.

Meritec hosted (SaaS)

Hosted course

From £350 + £1 per learner, per annum (+ VAT)

Unlimited 24/7/365 access to one of our courses from any device. Course content and spotlight chapters added regularly.

  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Fraud Awareness
  • Risk Management
SCORM Package

On-premise use

From £1995 per course, per annum (+ VAT)

Take one or more of our digital learning awareness courses and import them into your on-premise LMS using the SCORM format. Content updated annually.

  • Use your existing LMS
  • Track learner progress in your chosen LMS
  • No limit on the number of learners
Fully hosted LMS


From £4995 per annum (+ VAT)

Use our simple and easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS-Lite) to host any number of courses on any subject matter. Meritec can even create custom courses for you!

  • Unlimited courses on any subject matter
  • Track learner development
  • Full reporting suite

Supporting organisational wellbeing

Protect your organisation and valued employees by providing your teams with simple but effective awareness training on issues such as fraud, mental wellbeing and cybercrime. With our fully hosted Learning Management System, you can customise the course to your organisation, track completion rates and learners get completion certificates.

See it in action

Learn more about how our digital learning platform can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.