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We are very proud to be working with a growing number of sports clubs from grass-roots organisations through to professional sports clubs to help them improve mental health outcomes through online awareness training.

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Focus on Mental Wellbeing

Helping Community Clubs deliver key messages about Mental Health

Improving Mental Health outcomes for players, staff, volunteers, and supporters is at the top of the agenda in all sports from Grassroots to the Professional game.

Meritec has partnered with David Beeney, of Breaking the Silence to create a unique digital e-awareness course that allows sports clubs of all shapes and sizes to improve Mental Wellbeing awareness right across their staff and communities.

What is mental health?

We all have it, and just like our physical health there are every day things we can do to improve it.

Improving our mental health

Simple & effective advice to help us build our own mental resilience.

Helping others

Guidance on how to help and support your team mates, work colleague, family and friends.

Signpost to the experts

Direct people to the experts close to you.

Our customers

Case Study

Read our latest Case Study below

Case Study: Staffordshire Football Association: Mental Wellbeing Awareness e-learning

Digital Learning

Staffordshire FA is one of many county football associations who are looking to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of their teams and their communities. Focus on Mental Wellbeing is an efficient and cost effective approach that will help to deliver the awareness and support of Mental Wellbeing to all.

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