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Our digital learning solutions are suitable for all types of organisation, both public and private. Sector-specific versions are available for local authorities, schools and colleges, sports clubs, and businesses of all sizes.

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Safeguard your organisation and employees

The aim of our courses is to give employees a broad overview of important subjects in an easy-to-understand format that can be accessed on any device. This allows organisations to rapidly upskill teams cost-effectively, protecting the organisation and employees from issues such as fraud and GDPR breaches.


Our portfolio of digital learning products is continually expanding, with new courses currently under development. Our existing e-awareness products have been well-received, and our aim is to ensure subsequent products meet the same high standards. Current courses are regularly updated to ensure they remain relevant and accurate.

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We are very proud to be working with a rapidly growing number of organisations to help them distribute key messages on important subject matters across a large number of employees, offices, partners and stakeholders.

Case Study: The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Digital Learning

An introduction into a case study featuring The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the development of Focus on Mental Wellbeing for Students.

Our latest insights


The Top 10 fall outs companies face from not addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace

Mental wellbeing was already a topic steadily climbing up organisation’s agendas long before the crazy circumstances of the last 2 years. However, a global pandemic, multiple national lockdowns, furlough schemes and the shift to remote working, has only accelerated the importance of addressing mental wellbeing within organisations.


Why understanding an individual’s stress resilience is a key element in mental wellbeing.

The environments and routines within which we function, operate, work, and enjoy downtime become our safe haven of familiarity. We build up a comfort and an ease with our surroundings and schedules and shape them to bring the best out of us as individuals (and those around us). But what happens when all that suddenly changes?


Raising Fraud Awareness in Local Government

Fraud within local government is an area of growing concern, particularly with what has happened across the UK with Covid-19. In this article Meritec takes a look at which key areas of fraud are on the rise, and what local authorities can do to best prepare themselves and protect its citizens to ensure that monies go to those who need them most.

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