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Case Study: Staffordshire Football Association: Mental Wellbeing Awareness e-learning

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Staffordshire FA is one of many county football associations who are looking to support the Mental Health and Wellbeing of their teams and their communities. Focus on Mental Wellbeing is an efficient and cost effective approach that will help to deliver the awareness and support of Mental Wellbeing to all.

The Challenge

Staffordshire Football Association were keen to go ahead with on boarding their staff board and council onto a personalised version of our Focus on Mental Wellbeing course catered specifically to them. Staffordshire FA was able to provide Mental Wellbeing support to their team efficiently by using our hosted Digital Learning course, whilst also having the option to distribute the course to their wider football community.

The Solution

Understanding mental wellbeing

  • How can you become mentally fitter?
  • How do you spot signs that others may be suffering with poor mental wellbeing?
  • What support arrangements are in place from your place of study?
  • Final thoughts

"We have worked closely with Meritec to personalise the Focus on Mental Wellbeing course, which we are completing internally with staff, board & council, with the aim of rolling this out within the wider football community over the next few months. Meritec have been great to work with, professional and quick with their service. The 30-minute awareness course is interactive, personable and provides a general awareness of  the importance of looking after your mental health, spotting signs in others & the support networks available. Being able to add Staffordshire specific personalisation (images, branding, wording) makes the course more tailored to our team and customers which we really liked!"

Gemma Machin, Equality Officer, Staffordshire FA

Meritec’s View:

It has been a great experience working with Staffordshire to make a bespoke Focus on Mental Wellbeing course for their football association. Staffordshire Football Association are taking pro-active steps to support their staff and wider community with improve mental health awareness. Staffordshire Football Association follow a growing number of sports clubs and community trusts/foundations using Meritec Focus on Mental Wellbeing course as a key tool to improve mental health outcomes.