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Case Study: Rossendale Borough Council: Housing Benefit Subsidy Training

Rossendale Borough Council along with other Local Authorities across the UK are responsible for the administration and payment of Housing Benefit to local residents. Subsidy is the term given to the funding of the Housing Benefit scheme by the Department for Work and Pensions, in which the Local Authority pays out as the total relevant benefit lawfully paid during the year.

The Challenge

For the year 2020-21 the expected spend across the UK is approximately £17.29 billion pounds and as such Local Authorities are required to provide audited assurance that their expenditure is lawful and accurate.

Having experienced issues with their subsidy claim Rossendale approached Meritec about whether they had a training course for the subject for which their senior officers could attend which would further enhance their understanding of subsidy.

The Solution

Although Meritec deliver many training courses, when approached by a customer we really focus in on what they are looking to understand and achieve, therefore tailoring our approach to their requirements and having our training officer briefed on the objectives.

"From first contact to post training reviews, the service was professional, prompt and well presented. We were particularly impressed that they displayed a real interest in our objective, and provided a tailored solution for us.

We found the trainer to be extremely knowledgeable and he adapted the training to accommodate the delegates various job roles. The training has provided assurance that we are focusing on the key areas and more importantly has enabled us to maximise our subsidy.

I would recommend Meritec without reservation."

Angela Richmond, Service Assurance Officer, Rossendale Borough Council

Meritec’s View:

We understand the importance of Housing Benefit subsidy and how costly it can be for a Local Authority if they get it wrong so we were grateful to be approached by Rossendale and not only share theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge and developmental knowledge which will further maximise their subsidy claim in the future.