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Case Study: The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

An introduction into a case study featuring The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) and the development of Focus on Mental Wellbeing for Students.

The Challenge

In April 2021 after the COVID-19 pandemic, Meritec found contact with Penny Byrne at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) after contacting the university to inform them about the new development of our Focus on Mental Wellbeing course. After speaking with Penny in student services it became apparent that she was very determined to find an efficient and organised way of providing mental wellbeing support for the students of LIPA.

The Solution

Working closely with the Meritec team, the University was able to deliver a brand-new course called Focus on Mental Wellbeing for Students that provided LIPA with the opportunity to quickly and cost effectively raise the awareness of how each student learner can become mentally fitter and how the university can help them.

  • Understanding Mental Wellbeing
  • How can you become mentally fitter?
  • How do you spot signs that others may be suffering with poor mental wellbeing?
  • What support arrangements are in place from your place of study?
  • Final thoughts

This is our first year of offering the ‘Focus on mental wellbeing for students’ course to our students as part of our expanded induction provision. The course has been well received by students and feedback has included that the course offers useful tips and information and that it is a good resource that can be re-visited in the future.

The course is accessible and easy to follow without being too heavy or intensive. It gives a good overview for students in terms of their own mental wellbeing and that of their peers. We are very happy with this course.”

Penny Byrne, Student Support (LIPA)

Meritec's View

Working with the Student Support Team and Learning Technologists at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts was great. It was amazing to see a team so responsive and empowered to helping the students at their university to succeed and strive. We found inspiration in the way that LIPA organised the roll-out of their course during their student induction week so they could reach both current and new students attending the University in September 2021.

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