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Case Study 2: Street Scene Transformation

Business Needs

The new Street Scene service had been brought together so Blackpool Council could have a holistic service view of the street and it was soon realised that the current systems had a number of limitations:

  • Standalone information systems with no workflow
  • Double typing due to no integration
  • No geocoding which meant lack of spatial data
  • Difficult to get meaningful data from the systems
  • Expensive licensing
  • Work still being given out from printed daily job sheets
  • Large overhead of administration managing the work
  • Teams working with separate sets of data with no understanding what other teams were doing
  • Teams reporting in/out of the main office at least twice a day

Solution and Delivery

The ESB platform was deployed to replace the two main systems and all the spreadsheets and databases. Using the design principles set out below each process was systematically configured on the ESB platform. The ESB Business Rules engine was used to make decisions in the work flow to eliminate batching and queuing. The main design principles of the new system were.

  • Sustainability – needs to be flexible and configurable by the service
  • Mobile – work needs to be moved in real time to the right person to do the work
  • Accessibility – data needed to be presented so easily accessible
  • Geographical Information – all enquires or inspections to be map based
  • Electronic – all processes to be completely electronic
  • Interoperability – capable to interface to other systems


  • Reduced end-to-end times on all work processes
  • More repairs to the Blackpool Network
  • Extensive savings on administration of the work
  • Software Licence costs reduced by two-thirds
  • Real time accurate data that assist management to make better decisions

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