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Case Study 1: Customer Services

Business Needs

One of the main goals for its new Customer Services was to enable Blackpool Council to have a holistic service view of its customers and for the customer service agent to fully resolve most enquiries at the first point of contact. However, following a review of the progress made in 2007, it became apparent that some of the ambitions and assumptions of the Access to Services strategy had a number of limitations and significant drawbacks.

Although the service was recognised as one of the best Customer Centres in the country, it was not able to answer the phones and deal with queues that were forming every day in the contact centre. This signalled the need to review and rethink what was happening, along with rising costs, very little tangible benefits in terms of cashable savings and fundamental problems with the way services were being integrated into the new way of working.

Solution and Delivery

To achieve a design that worked from the customer’s point of view and the needs of the service, the Customer Service Agents worked along with developers to come up with a solution that not only helped them do their job but improved the way work flowed through the Council. Shared understanding of the problem, simplicity, sustainability and relevant accurate data were at the heart of the principles used in the design. Analysing the customer demand and determining the volumes and types led to the IT solution being designed to its optimum.

Our agile solutions platform, Enterprise Service Builder (ESB), was used to replace the existing CRM system. As part of the Customer Access Strategy the system was implemented across the council with it becoming the largest business system used in Blackpool with over 3500 users. Key aims included sustainability, mobility, accessibility, map referencing, total electronic processing and interoperability.


  • Replaced costly IT systems with technology that worked significantly better
  • Enabled end-to-end visibility of high frequency customer demands
  • Reduced time needed to record data against the customer and freed up agents
  • Huge savings on administration of the work per annum
  • Software Licence costs reduced by two-thirds and less complex IT
  • Real time accurate data that assist management and teams to make better decisions
  • Enabled an overall annual reduction of budget of well over one million pounds
  • Significant savings in time taken to process transactions and cases
  • A system capable of growing and changing to meet the needs of the Council

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