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Virtualisation is rapidly transforming the way many organisations deploy and leverage their IT investments. Because multiple operating systems and applications can be run concurrently on a single platform utilisation and flexibility is increased. In effect what happens is that hardware resources across several virtual machines can be shared without interfering with each other and this can dramatically reduce wastage of capacity and greatly improve cost effectiveness.

In many cases there can be a compelling business case for introducing a virtualisation policy as the scope for cost savings in addition to the hardware efficiencies can also accrue from reduced electricity, less floorspace and easier operational management. Many organisations also include virtualisation in their “green” credentials because less power is consumed and consequently the carbon footprint is reduced.

Meritec is skilled in the deployment and exploitation of the two leading virtualisation technologies VMWARE and Microsoft. Our approach can be for us to take on the role of implementing a virtualised environment with Meritec carrying the full risk and responsibility for a successful implementation or we can provide support for an in-house led implementation. If desirable Meritec can provide skills transfer as part of our involvement in the project.

Meritec can become involved at any stage of the project lifecycle whether that be scoping requirements from the outset or participating in a defined role as part of an implementation team. Alternatively if the client prefers to simply buy-in experienced resource(s) for a reduced duration to play a specific role we also provide skills on a contract basis to accommodate such requirements.

If you are considering virtualisation or actively planning to adopt this technology then please contact Meritec on a no-obligation basis for an informal discussion. Similarly if you have commenced a project are seeking additional resource or knowledge then please let us know and see if we can be of assistance.

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