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Technical Support

As described under skills, Meritec has a wealth of IT technical know how and experience which can be delivered to suit the specific client circumstances and requirements.

One-off assignments can be delivered on a time and materials or fixed price basis, whichever is most suited to the assignment and the client, however we have found that much of the technical support requirement is in the form of Ad Hoc requirements often at short notice and/or in small packets.

For example, many organisations experience times when they may need additional IT resources or skills – this may be due to IT staff absences, increased IT workload, special projects, etc. Sometimes a particular skill may be needed but a full time post may not be justifiable and part-time may prove relatively expensive. For situations like this (and many others) the Meritec Merits service provides easy access to skills which can be used to cover such eventualities, providing insurance against unexpected events or to aid planning to cope with workload peaks and troughs. [Read More]

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