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Make IT Happen

Many organisations fail to realise the true potential from their IT investments. This doesn’t have to be the case and Meritec can help you to ensure you make the most appropriate investments in the first place and that they then deliver what you require.

Organisations invest in IT to obtain a business advantage or productivity improvements. Thus it is the business need that dictates the IT requirements and often it is not so much what IT the organisation has that matters so much as what they do with it.

Too many IT projects are based on technical decisions first and business needs thereafter – for the project to be successful it is important to get these considerations the other way around.

Making sure the organisations’ IT investments are properly targeted is best achieved through help from Meritec in articulating what it is that the organisation expects IT to deliver – the outcomes. The client can then procure against that specification with both Meritec and the client sharing a common view of expectations and Meritec providing a fixed price for fulfilment of the agreed specification or helping to make sure the project is successful.

This approach avoids the disappointment and frustrations that often arise simply because the wrong IT has been acquired (or sold) in the first place.

A little more time spent thinking about the desired outcomes before making any purchases reaps rich rewards down-track. This is the successful way in which Meritec approaches IT decisions and implementations, consequently our clients get the IT their organisation actually requires and enjoy the business advantages of good IT sooner and within budget.

Using the experience of our senior consultants we assist you to articulate your needs and identify the most appropriate solutions available to meet those. We then support or lead the procurement and implementation of the selected solution.

In addition to providing technical and development skills we ensure that implementations are effectively managed calling on both the experience of individual consultants who have successfully ‘done it before’ and where appropriate PRINCE II qualified project management if the size, complexity or risk of the project warrants it.

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