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Keep IT Secure

Attacks on IT systems have become commonplace and the effects on business can be devastating. It is not sufficient to believe your systems are secure simply because there may be a firewall or virus protection in place – these are not always as effective as they should be and cannot on their own provide complete protection.

Meritec is an established and highly respected provider of information and IT security services consequently we are well placed to assist clients with their security requirements.

It is no longer sufficient to create an IT infrastructure and provide IT applications which satisfy businesses needs without taking into account the security risks those systems are exposed to. In particular the information which those systems hold, process or transmit can be of immense interest to criminals.

Without taking specific measures to ensure security most ICT systems are relatively easy to break into and they have therefore become the target of choice for modern day criminals who have recognised the value of “information”.

It is a fact that most ICT attacks go undetected or unresolved which adds attraction to “e-criminals” who unfortunately can be reasonably confident they won’t get caught.

Meritec recognised several years ago that IT security is a specialist area where there is a constant need to update skills just to keep up with or preferably ahead of the criminals and we have developed a portfolio of security services to complement our traditional IT Services.

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